Monday, September 15, 2008

Brand New...

My Guy and I spent the entire Sunday together, my oh my. I wish I could tape our visits and then watch them on days when I am missing him (which is any time I am away from him). We started off our day by attending the “Grape Feast” it was an outdoor fair like event with wine tasting and different cultural and art exhibits. We hung out there about two hours and figured it was enough, lol. So back to his house we went. I swear there’s nothing better than hanging out and chilling with the person you love or really like.

It’s an addictive high I crave on a daily basis. Though there was much physical activity going on between us, there was also a lot of great conversation. We spent a great deal talking about our childhood and basically learning more about who we are and where we both came from. I love his childhood stories, I love how easy going and simple he is (in a great way). I love his country side, it’s the perfect balance to woman who lives and breathes the urban jungle. Our new word for each other is twitterpated (from the movie Bambi). It’s our way of acknowledging the love we have for one another without rushing into saying “I love you”; so instead I say I so twitterpated (I’m so in love). Haha

I know we have so much more to learn about each other, but one thing I know for sure is what we have so far feels so right. It’s funny when I look back and think of times when people say “I just knew my mate was the one for me” and thought yeah right. But I swear I understand that feeling now. At one point we were standing in his bedroom kissing just before one of our many sessions yesterday; and it was a long kiss (I mean 5 minutes). I suddenly stopped and started to giggle a little, it was during this moment I could see us standing at the alter and the preacher says you may kiss the bride; and we kissed in front of everyone for like 5 minutes. He laughed at my thoughts, but then said he could easily see us doing that, and I believe him. It’s like when we’re in public nothing or no one matters. We’re so caught up in our vibes that our surroundings never affect the chemistry we have.

So in honor of my new found love I dedicate this awesome song from Ms. Aretha Franklin.

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