Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recap: I hate when I have to play catch up blogging :)

Work Situation:
Things are going much better, but not for the reasons you may think. I “lost” the battle of getting a new manager. Lost may be an exaggeration but it is reality. What learned from this experience is that corporate america is s cold game (not that I didn’t know this), but the level of lowness and desperation amazes me. What I found is even though my boss was performing horribly at her job, she managed to play some cards that deviated all attention from her. What can I say, she has tens year over me. I’m not saying she got off clear and free but she threw me under the bus in ways I had no idea would even become valid reasons.

So I found myself at a crossroads, the ultimatum was stay and work with her or find a new job. This all went down a week ago on Friday. I needed the entire weekend to regroup, and I swear I wanted to quit. My mother and My Guy advised me to suck it up and play nice in the sandbox. I swear that was the hardest part (stepping out of my ego). By Sunday I decided I would play nice, however I will keep my options wide open. So this past week marks the start of something new, playing nice on the corporate plantation. I am sure it was expected for me to turn in my resignation letter, but I figure I’d wait & show I can rise above this awful situation, become a valued team member, let the waters cool, and then bounce on their assess (sorry but I don’t get paid well enough for this bullshit).

Love Life:
Oh how I adore my honey bunny. Things are moving quite well for us, it’s almost been 90 days, lol. Last Saturday night he sent me a drunken text telling me he was out drinking followed by another text that told me his front door was unlocked and he wanted to wake up to me. It was 7:30 am Sunday when I read these messages and like an earthquake shaking me in the night, I quickly got up and got ready to see My Guy. When I arrived the door was unlocked and he was sound asleep. I could tell he was drunk last night from the position he was in while in bed.

I got undressed and hopped in his bed; mind you sleeping beauty never hears me. I lay in his bed for about 40 minutes until I decided I would wrap my arms around him and rubbed him gently. To his surprise there I was and it was so lovely to be in his warm embrace. The funny thing is, he didn’t recall sending me the text; but clearly he meant to because the door was unlocked. We ended up spending the entire day together and it was sweet. I will see him tomorrow and I can’t wait.

My Birthday:
So I decided I would acknowledge the fact that this will be my last year in my 20s (wow, how time flies). My birthday is on the 19th, and I decided next Saturday I would invite some friends out to join me for dinner and dancing. Every year I reflect on what I’ve accomplished as it relates to my birthday. The most exciting thing of course is my graduate program, but honestly I must admit it feels good to be in a real relationship and being able to share these moments with someone who makes me feel special.


lovelyjd said...

Good for you ms. confessions!!! Yes, the corporate game is akin to American Gangsta, but as my mentor told me, black people are uniquely equipped to play the game. We have a history of adapting, dealing and overcoming. Fight the good fight and remember that there is always something behind the scenes that is working out for your good!

Happy you are in a solid relationshhip, gives hope for the rest of us!!!

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Things change and doors open up when you least expect it, just consider the way you met Mr. Guy. That was not on your agenda and then suddenly, here he is. You are right to stay open-minded to new career opportunities.

Happy early Birthday!!!

T.C. said...

i am definitely glad you stayed at your position...that' shows a lot of courage and strength especially to overlook the ego! I am also extremely HAPPY for you and your guy!

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