Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last night was my dinner party and it was truly one of the best times I’ve had in a while. My closest friends and their men helped me celebrate another year. The cool part about this venue is it’s a restaurant that turns into a club at 10pm. So around 11 it was packed with people. One thing I did notice about being out on the night scene is I am happy I have a man, lol. The place was a grade A meat market. You could pick up on the vibe of people wanting and looking for a “hook up”. What didn’t surprise me is how shady women can be in the club. They’ll see you clearly with a guy who is obviously your man and will still have false hopes of thinking they kick some game.

My guy told me about a few instances when females were flirting. I don’t mean to appear naïve but believe me I could have left the club for an hour and still trust my man to be on his best behavior. What is the point in going to clubs? I understand the need to hang out with your friends and party, but for those who really think their life partner will be behind the velvet rope- please.

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