Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Being "Bratty"...

Things with My Guy and I are moving right along. The time we spent together right after his trip was wonderful. I haven’t seen him since last Saturday (that day I picked up my mother from the airport). I enjoy the times we share; in fact I crave the attention he shows me when we’re together. But our lives have a certain element of complication. Both of our time is divided with our on doings and then we try to make time for one another; I often find myself feeling a void. In a perfect world I would love for it to be just him and I and all of the time in the world to be together.

I can’t wait until fall semester starts next week at least I’ll have my studies to dive into. I’ll also have more campus activities (I so need the distractions). Its funny how love can make you crazy at times. Under any other circumstances I would end our relationship simply because I am not getting my way or I would find another person who could be available to me whenever I please. No, I would rather wait, be patient, and trust that My Guy will always make time for me as needed.

I wont see him until next week especially since my mother is in town. They’re not meeting this time around. I did casually mention an informal meeting to him but he was a little hesitant and said it was a little pressure. I only offered because my mother only comes into town once a year and their next meeting would be in L.A. But it has only been two months and that is a little soon to meet the parents. At any rate, I’ll now go day dream about the great memories we share.


Blu Jewel said...

it's really not too soon for the introduction (though my comment is late) because you should be proud of the man you're seeing; especially one who's treating you well and making you feel so good. the only thing you'd need to do is let your mother know that the relationship is still pretty young and new, so she shouldn't be thinking wedding bells. never be ashamed of your feelings; especially to your mother she was your age too *smile*.


T.C. said...

i am so excited to hear that you are willing to work with him...that's really good to hear...go you!

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