Monday, July 14, 2008

A Sunday Kind Of Love…

This is the best song to describe they way I feel and what I experienced. Saturday My Guy sent the following text “Tomorrow I want u to leave your door unlocked so I can surprise you in the morning.” My panties were soak and wet when I read that. We’d made plans for him to spend Sunday with me, but I didn’t really know what to expect. Oh I am such a loser. So of course I am like a kid the night before Christmas, I couldn’t sleep. I even stayed up late so I would be sleepy enough to not hear here come through my door. I even took some benadryl (yes I was serious). I set my alarm clock to 6:30 am so I could wake up to unlock my door, comb my hair (a little) and removed my head scarf, lol. Don‘t get me wrong I wanted to look as natural as possible but I didn’t want to be too raw in the daylight.

So I did end up hearing him come through the door, drop his clothes (I have hardwood floors) and climb into my bed. It was perfect, to have his body next to mine so early in the morning. After some great love making, I made breakfast (a meal I can actually cook). We spent the entire day full of leaisure. I swear I could get use to this. He scored MAJOR brownie points because I know his Sundays are usually reserved for golf and he gave his Sunday to me. I am so into this man. I feel like he is the one, its scary how quickly I’ve fallen for him. He makes me feel so good inside and he adores me.


Black Mamba said...

Awww...sooki sooki now! LOL
He sounds great!

Blu Jewel said...

Good for you. Any man who shows that level of intimacy and committment is worth falling for.


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