Saturday, July 12, 2008


I had conversation with a “friend” this past week about My Guy. Now this “friend” is the infamous character in my old mini series entitled “A Love Jones” (in case you need to be brought up to speed). Anyway, he mentioned he read my blog recently specifically the “Who Would Have Thought & My Guy and I”. He mentioned he was happy that I found someone who’s keeping an obvious smile on face, however he called me DESPERATE. I quickly became defensive, because out of all the words to describe my emotions/feelings DESPERATE is the furthest thing I am currently feeling especially in regards to My Guy.

I define the acts of being DESPERATE as it relates to relationships as the following:
1. A person who is willing to be the “sideline player” aka “winner up” or second best
2. A person who stays in a long ass unproductive relationship out of guilt, years together (time served), baby, or can’t do better.
3. A person who is quick to call any and everyone their “man/woman” because they are needy.

Of course I consider the source that made the comment. But I by no means feel like I am “settling” or “slumming” for the sake of calling some man My Guy. How about you can really find someone out there who genuinely knocks you off your feet. How about love at first sight could actually be true. How about you may possibly know when you’ve met someone special because your instinct is clearly letting you know.

I’m not going as far and saying this “friend” is a hater. It’s more like cynical, I understand you haven’t been exposed to the picture perfect relationship, but I believe it does exist. What I mean by perfect is you can meet and have a relationship with someone who makes you happy, feel complete, better, exclusively, and most of all loves you unconditionally.

In the end he took the comment back, and rephrased it to being “sprung” or “wide open”. Call it what you want but trust this girl is happy and feeling a lot of love in return.


Anonymous said...

Forget about your so called "friend". Don't let anyone steal your joy. EVER.

Have fun with your new man. :-)


Black Mamba said...

WTF?! How 'bout this friend actually act like a friend and be happy that you found someone that puts a smile on your face??

Enjoying someone's company does not mean you are desperate, sprung, or wide about misery loves company.

Keep doing your thing and as anonymous said, forget about this "friend."

T.C. said...

it doesn't surprise me that someone said that to you, espcially a male friend...seems like when independant women really find someone it doesn't tend to sit well with others...

like i have said before just let your instincts guide you and keep moving forward

its really okay to be happy!

Superstarprincess said...

I've never detected in any of your posts that you were desperate. It's NOT like you said, "wow, My Guy has saved me from a world of lonliness, and I finally have somewhere to go on a Saturday night now!"or my favorite, "My life was just so miserable until I met My Guy!"

If two people have a great time, enjoy each other's company, and find happiness in being together, it's not desperate. In the end, it is called finding someone who makes life that much more special for the shared experience.

PS- A huge meow to the so-called "friend" whose catty remarks sound more like a

Blu Jewel said...

WOW! That was a jacked up thing to say. I'm always amazed how people (so-called friends) always try to steal your joy or make you question what doesn't need questioning. Girl, continue to do you and be happy doing it. Whether this lasts the week or a lifetime, you're still doing more than most, which is taking the leap of faith.


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