Wednesday, July 09, 2008

He Got Me Cooking…

Yesterday evening My Guy and I spent some time together at my house, and because of this joyous occasion I decided to flex my “nondomestic” skills and cook a meal for him. Initially, I was going to purchase take out, and then I thought about buying a ready made meal at the grocery store. In case you don’t know, cooking isn’t one of my better skills. As I was expressing my interest to cook with my coworkers; they encouraged me to try something simple. So I decided to cook chicken tetrazzini, the recipe seemed relatively easy so I thought I could handle it.

During my lunch I went to the grocery store and purchased all of the necessary ingredients and did some minor straighten up for my expected house guest. (The feeling of having your guy come over is such a good feeling). Since he’s doing some training this week at work he got off a little earlier than usual, so I had him meet me at my house. I literally live 10 minutes from my job. So I arrived home around 4:30pm and there he was waiting for me in his car. He watched TV while I prepared our meal. He was definitely applauding my efforts. He thought it was very cute, and he also knows cooking isn’t my favorite thing to do in the world (brave soul).

Ok let’s fast forward to meal being just about done. Well I noticed as I was taking the dish out of the oven, it was a soupy/watery. So I decided to try to drain some of the juice out, which worked and of course I almost spill the entire meal in the damn sink. So I fixed our plates and we sat at my dinning room table (oh what a brave soul). He takes his first bite and gives me the “this is good baby, for your first try at this dish.” code for: Practice makes perfect. I tasted the dish myself and it lacked seasoning...haha.

The overall point of the evening wasn’t to embarrass myself, but I am now getting to a point in our relationship where I am comfortable. For me when I am comfortable with a guy I start to let my guard down by showcasing my flaws. If I am trying to make a good impression on guy, cooking would be the last thing I’d do because I don’t cook well. It’s like we’re at a point where he can watch me stumble and fall, we all know no one is perfect. However, we tend to act like we are during the “honeymoon” stages of dating. Now I’ll admit I am not comfortable enough to shit or fart in front him yet, lol. That takes a little more time. Isn’t it funny how we act like we don’t do those things when we have company?


Moody Gemini said...

I am loving your journey! It actually inspired me to get back into the dating scene. I have been ghost for over a year. Just not many good prospects out there & I was in a real major funk.

That's a good sign that you are willing to cook although it is not your forte.

What a way to open yourself up!

Blu Jewel said...

I feel like we're drivers on the same road. I encourage you and in doing so am continuing to give myself permission to do the same.

Life's too damn short to live unhappy; do you and do it to the fullest.

I so feel your energy through this post.


Black Mamba said...

I love reading your journey, brings back so many memories.

I tried cooking lasagna for D (I'm not a good cook either, hate the kitchen), and it's his FAVORITE dish. Everything was fine, except I forgot to drain the it smelled absolutely tasty...but when he tasted it, lol, you shoulda seen his reaction. He tried to be nice about it, but once I admitted it tasted like crap, he agreed. I wanted to smack him for agreeing, hehe, but I figured out what I'd done wrong and gave it a shot later down the line. Much better!

Girl...I still to this day cannot use the restroom when he's anywhere near the door...something about someone standing there listening, but it's not just him. I just can't go if anyone is nearby, it's like I just freeze, lol. Me and toilets - we got issues. HAHAHA.

T.C. said...

well like you said practice makes'll definitely get better every thing, or his thing i should say was fried chicken wings....they were aiight the first time but by the 3rd try i got them things down and they are bangin...

sooooooooooooooo you'll get better...the most important thing is you can be you and be happy

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