Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Not Hungry....

I’m undergoing an instant body make over. While I am very content and please with my physical appearance there is always room for enhancement. I’m not having any surgery, lol. But I am doing the master cleanse for the next five days (hopefully I can make it to 10 days). Basically I am not eating and only drinking this lemon, maple syrup, and water potion. To some this may seem drastic and I agree. But recently, I’ve noticed my weight increasing. Yes, I am aware of my eating habits and lack of exercise. But I am lazy and I love food. What a horrible combination (lol).

I am convinced that if I lose ten lbs in a few days it will encourage me to do better. I use to do this quite often when I would go visit my parents in L.A. I didn’t want them to notice any changes physically. Since I’ve moved to the south I have gained a little weight. In L.A. you have to be health and body conscience all the time. Not saying people in Dallas don’t care. But if you have every other a business a freaking restaurant, how would the population look. Before every trip to L.A. I would do the South Beach phase I diet, which is a detox of all the bad food and fats that are in your body. Within the first two weeks I could easily lose 10 to 14lbs.

I’m not advocating any of my preferred methods of weight lost, but this is where I share my most inner thoughts and opinions. So why not just eat right and exercise? That will occur after my cleanse. I just need to see some quick results to motivate me on my path to better health. Its funny when I think of the internal influences that spark this urgency for change. In addition to not being able to wear some of my size 9 (junior size) clothes, I could see myself getting bigger in pictures.

I know I would not be considered hardly overweight or thick for that matter. However, there has always been a size I felt most comfortable (women size 6). I’m not getting any younger and I need to take care of myself. The first step to fixing a problem is to admit there is one. Everyone has his or her method for keeping good health. And I am going to follow the natural and healthy way once I get the bad stuff out of my body….

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T.C. said...

i have honestly thought about doing this as well...i am in fact thick and i am going to be body isn't build to be "small" but i would like to tone it up and lose some weight so i am starting a cleanse myself next in short i can dig it

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