Thursday, March 06, 2008

Life In Grad School: Some of the Same Shit, Just a Different Day

I’ve just completed Module A of my first semester. I can’t believe how time flies, it seems like we were all attending orientation two weeks ago. I’ll admit my study habits have changed significantly upon entering grad school. Falling behind isn’t an option, nor is missing a class. I truly enjoy my program and believe its well worth the money being spent.

The initial intent of this post was to discuss the social dynamics of being on a predominately white methodist school in the south. I knew the situation coming in, and I wanted the opportunity to receive a high quality education just like any one else. My immediate classmates and professors are great. But I find myself noticing the subtle behaviors of my white schoolmates. It’s amusing to me when I find them making extra attempts to look the other way when our paths cross. Some smile or speak, but there are few who look the other way.

I find it interesting to read the expressions on people’s faces when I say I attend SMU, and there’s a look of sudden shock followed by being impressed. In 2008, is it really surprising to find blacks attending quality schools without necessarily throwing a ball or being a token? Perhaps, this rant was sparked by a recent outing my program hosted last week to commemorate our finals for the module. The student body hosted a happy hour after our last finale at a local sport bar. Upon arrival, I asked the bartender located on the patio a simple question. “Is this bar only serving beer or can I get other drinks as well?” There was a huge cooler filled with beer on the counter, which is why I asked.

Well “Becky” took it upon herself to assume and inform me by saying: “This is a private party for the MBA program”. Now first off, that wasn’t my damn question. Second, who said I wasn’t with the freaking MBA program? I kindly let her know that I was in fact a invited guest of this party. But it took all of me to not tell her a thing or two. It wasn’t about cussing her out. But how dare you assume that I was just a random person trying to impose on a party at a sports bar? If I were white would you have given me the same response?

It’s not about playing the race card. I am just expressing my observation. I understand very much the environment I am in. I am also not rookie to the game. I choose to attend this school, not only for the program but to also have access to the same resources that will further my cause. Yes, I am your biggest threat yet again. Just don’t try to put your insecurities on me…k

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Nic said...

Note to Becky....There's an old saying, "When you assume, you make an ASS out of yourself." Keep this in mind.

And yes, I think she would have responded differently had you been of the Caucasian persuasion. That's just me though. Glad you were able to keep it classy.

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