Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Hungry: A Follow Up

I was attending a seminar on campus called Brand Strategy when the presenter brought up the Dove: Rea l Women Campaign. It was at this point I noticed the irony of this exact moment. Just yesterday I posted my quest to losing a few pounds for personal reasons. Yet here I am watching a major consumer product try to influence me (and women in general) that there is no such thing as the “perfect woman”. I’m a highly intelligent woman and I know this. I’ve never tried to emulate any image I saw or TV or some magazine.

But there is implied standard women are forced to adhere to if she wants to be “attractive” to the opposite sex. It’s embedded in our minds at a very young age and it sticks with us through out our adult lives. So if there is no such thing as perfection, then why do we worship models or celebrities?

The purpose of my need to lose a few pounds is a personal goal I took on. No one suggested I lose weight, at the same time no one is giving me a bulimic or anorexia hotline number either. I know the size that I felt most comfortable being. Regardless if my personality doesn’t reflects my new found dislike of my new weight, I know health is more important than stroking my ego. I need to start eating better and exercising. Here’s the ad campaign we watched last night. And cheers to day two of my cleansing...

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T.C. said...

its truly about loving the skin you are in...for YOU!

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