Friday, February 01, 2008

Which Way Do I Go??

After watching yesterday’s democratic debate, I am no closer to figuring who I want to vote for. Initially, I was all for Hilary without a doubt, mainly because of her experience and platform. I wasn’t really clear on Barack’s stance in the beginning. But now I am feeling Barack, for more reasons than his political views.

Why Barack?

I am feeling his message of change. I think he’s genuine about making America a better place for all. I believe he wants equality as cliché as it may sound. Whether he’s successful obviously remains to be seen. But if America is really ready to embrace change then I say let’s go all out. I feel let an intelligent, charismatic, young, rational, accomplished, African American man be our Commander and Chief.

If we’re the “standards” of progression, freedom, and equality what better message to send to the world than voting Barack for president? If people are apprehensive about his lack of experience, then how the hell do you validate that idiot named George W. Bush?

Why Hilary?

She’s smart and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in politics/ the white house. I give her major props for maintaining her dignity and position as it pertains to Bill creeping on her. I don’t think she’s weak because she stood by her man, look at them now. She’s done a lot of work as far policies for the benefit of our underprivileged citizens. However, I have noticed Hilary flip flop on issues from the beginning until as recent as last night. I am getting the “say the right things” vibe from her now.

While watching the debate it was breathe taking to see the two of them on stage. It’s down to a woman and a black man for the race of presidency. We have come a long way. The republicans don’t have a shot in hell, so at this point its either Hilary or Barack. Both candidates provide hope to all younger generations. You really can be want you want to be. Barack is an excellent role model for males and Hilary for women. So who do I vote for??

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