Friday, January 25, 2008

Gotta Luv Men: We’re over before we begin & Mr. Godiva trying to creep back in…

So Mr. NY & I are done. It was a short run but now I recall why I stopped talking to his ass over 7 years ago. We had our last and final argument on Wednesday night. He even told me to lose his number and never call him again (as if). Now, if we all recall the story he’s the one who popped up my parent’s house inquiring about me years later. So that means you were pursuing me. Anyway, I gave him a chance and even mentioned on here about the arguments we were having like some dysfunctional relationship (even though we weren’t in one).

Not to mention he’s short, so now I can’t even have conversations with your ass on top of you being Midget Mac (okay maybe extreme). But enough’s enough, the thrill is definitely gone. So our last argument started when he asked either hypothetically or for real could he move in with me. I said NO; I don’t do the roommate thing. He then calls me selfish. Pause…. First off I told his ass from jump street I am not looking to merge my lifestyle with anyone right now. Mainly, because I knew you weren’t the one. Yet, you ignore my subtle hints of rejection every time you ask me to be your lady. I gave him every reason under the sun from: I am not ready to we argue too damn much.

So I am the selfish one? Yet you keep trying to force me in this relationship with you even though I clearly don’t want to be. I guess his little ego had enough blows and thought he won by telling me never to call and hanging up in my face. LOL. He has no idea how long his number has been deleted out of my cell, so don’t you worry your pretty head about me calling you. Especially when you were the one always calling and texting me. Bye Bye…

Mr. Godiva and I met up for drinks yesterday evening. He emailed me on Tuesday wanting to see me all of a sudden. I was busy and told him I would get back to him. So yesterday I see him for the first time since my birthday (in September). And he looked rough, not sure if it was a bad day or what? But I wasn’t impressed. So we have a drink, and catch up. During our conversation he alluded to wanting to start seeing me again. He’s seeing someone and I guess it isn’t going so good. So you thought you could come swing back my way? NOT!!

He sends me the following text message this morning:
“Just because we turned 3 weeks into 10 months doesn’t mean we can’t make love, respect, and brilliance work. Ok, and magnificent sex.”

Yeah okay, I mean really what the hell is wrong with you two? I understand I am a commodity, but you should have thought of that when you were blessed to have me in your life. This is a one-way trip, never round.


Blu Jewel said...

It's a sad state of affairs when the offending party tries to flip it like you're the one who's wrong. *ugh* I feel you on this. As for Mr. Godiva, sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. I'm always amazed when men (or women) try to go back and forth to their previous when things with the current aren't going well.

I'm convinced people can sense when you're single or in transition because they always show up when you really aren't interested. Agreed that men do treat women like we're commodities and possessions.

The Love Collective said...

I'm with you on this one. I'll bet he's been trying to "merge" into your household from jump. The curb is kicked!

Eb the Celeb said...

Short men are trouble... hands down.. thats why I stay away

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