Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Just a Job, Right???

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to raise more money and even supplement my income from a worker bee avenue. If I am to get a second job or a job (for that matter), what jobs should one never consider? I’m not too big on retail, I hate the hours, and I’m just over the sales clerk/cashier phase. I don’t want to work in the food industry, just because I don’t (its that simple).

Yet, I find myself thinking... I am young, smart, and attractive (feeling a need to tap into the shallow side for the time being). So what job(s) would allow me to utilize these specific skills? So I thought about the following: hostess at a high-end restaurant, bartender, and any other job (other than stripping) that would make decent tips. But there’s always a draw back to these types of jobs. I refuse to feel or allow others to degrade or disrespect me. I also feel I am mature and old enough to handle all that goes along with having jobs based on sex appeal and beauty.

Then I ask myself how low do I go? Obviously, stripping never entered my mind. However, I did entertain being a Hooters girl. The point of going down this avenue is to generate a few extra bucks and pay down some debt. I’m not looking to be discovered, nor looking for some man to come and rescue me. But in these jobs, I feel I can dress cute and be indirectly compensated for my looks and good conversations.

Sometimes I wonder if having high self-esteem and self-respect can get in the way of moneymaking opportunity (LOL)? I think of strippers and full time gold diggers, and it takes a “special” type of woman to do that proudly. But at the end of the day, is the work/job you choose to a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself? Or should we all use what we’ve got (skills, body, expertise, etc.) to get what we want. After all, everyone does this; there are just different levels of participating…


Blu Jewel said...

At some point, I think many women have asked themselves this very question. I personally couldn't see myself doing anything that compromises how I feel about myself as a woman, but try not to knock those who do what they do.

I would rather stock shelves for a decent $ per hour than have to interact with people.

T.C. said...

i can't see myself compromising myself to make a dollar...i, like blu, would never knock someone like it i love it...but its not for me...

i'll tutor or do something behind the scenes first

Ms. Confessions said...

Blu- I agree with what you’re saying, and this is exactly why I decided to share my thoughts on this subjects. At the end of the day, compromising your self-respect is the issue. I pass no judgment on any woman’s hustle.

I thought about a gig at Barnes & Nobles, but to be honest my paycheck would go straight to that store. I can never leave that store without buying a book, LOL.

t.c.- It boils down to what you’re comfortable with doing. If you can wake up everyone everyday with your head held high, then do you. Too bad I don’t have the patience to be a tutor…LOL

The Love Collective said...

I agree with all of the above. The important thing is to have "Plan C" (cuz we ALL know plan B don't be cuttin' it half the time.) I theorize that "bootyshaking" is Plan C, or D, or E. But if it's Plan B, then something is wrong.

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