Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Very Happy Hour

Last night we had a happy hour (which didn’t start until 9:30pm). A few seniors in our program coordinated a get together for us to meet up and network. It was about 20 of us. It was later in the evening due to the fact we had class from 6:20pm to 9:30pm. I followed my cutie in my study group to the spot. I’ll call him Mr. MBA (he’s so HOT). Anyway, we get there and start mixing and mingling with everyone. The bar was actually packed for a Wednesday night.

The student association paid for two rounds of drinks, and I happily enjoy my two. So Mr. MBA and I started talking about all kinds of things. I took this opportunity to feel him out (outside of our study group mode) and see what type of guy he really is. He’s 33 years old, single, no kids, a sales rep, and looking to launch his business. We discussed past relationships, what type of men and women we liked. We even played the game of “Is he/she cute to you”. I felt very much at ease with this guy. But rather than come out and say I want you, I gave subtle reminders of our similar interests and the fact that I dig white guys.

He then began to give his assessment of a few our classmates (which was pretty accurate). I then asked him what did he think of me (HAHA). He started off with he thought I was “sassy”. Why do they always say that about us? (LOL) I took no offense and asked him to explain what he meant by that. He likes my confidence, and the fact that I can engage in good conversations with people. He thinks its great that I open up myself to people and make them welcome to approach me (yes I am working the hell out of my department). He said I speak well (LOL), very smart, and takes no bullshit (not sure how he knows that already). But I was impressed that he peeped that much in me. At least all of my lusting wasn’t in vain.

So after our hour or so long conversation, it was 11:30pm and he was ready to call it a night. I am so freaking happy, I took that time to break the ice in a non-study group fashion. Oh I forgot to mention, before we went to the bar I gave Mr. MBA a ride to his car. He parked far away from our building and it was very cold. Besides, it’s the least I can do for my eye candy. He said thank you and was very appreciative of the ride. (Don’t worry I got you babe)…


Eb the Celeb said...

Get it girl!

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Ummmm. I hope I can find me some eye candy (andmore) in grad school.
And I'm mad at the sassy and talking well statement. lol

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