Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Tales of a 38 yrs old V.P & MBA, who speaks 2 Languages...

The Unusual Encounter

I met this guy a week ago on a Thursday morning. I was going to a job interview and was totally focused when I ran into him as I was getting off the elevator. I was a little annoyed at first because I hate when people are right at the elevator door. However, I was a little surprised to find an attractive man in a suit in my way. So I smiled and said excuse me, he smiled and said hello. I wasn’t really checking him out at this point; my interview was completely on my mind. He then compliments me and asked my name. I answered again a little shocked at the entire encounter. So I guess he saw I was new to the building and asked where I was going. He gave me direction to the office suite and asked for my number. He saw I was hesitant and gave me his business card instead.

I went on to my interview and as I was heading home I looked at his card and wondered if I should call. I saw he had his MBA (common interest). I figured what the hell, why not? So in order to save face, I decided to shoot him an email and I gave him my cell number. He replied and asked that I give him a call. I choose to wait the next day (Friday). So its 4:00pm on Friday and I give him a call. He was in his office about to head out. During our first conversation he volunteered a lot of information. I learned he was quite accomplished, nice salary, speaks French & Spanish, is originally from Louisiana, loves to travel, and looking for the “one’.

He also volunteers that he doesn’t have a problem attracting women. Case and point, we were talking when someone left some sex coupons on the windshield of his range rover anonymously. I found it funny (do women really do that to get a man’s attention?). He mentioned how the females at his place of work often try to hit on him. He wasn’t necessarily bragging but I did wonder what was his point. So initially we were set to see each other on Sunday, but during our phone conversation he asked to see me that night (Friday).

So we meet up at a restaurant and the date was great. We had good and steady conversation over dinner. I thought it was very refreshing particularly the way we met. I also felt we had a lot in common and I appreciated his passion for business. After dinner, we sat in his car and talked. The one thing I noticed his is lack of swagger. I like men who are confident in their overall demeanor. Not in a cocky or arrogant way, but I love a guy who’s sure of himself. He’s confident when he’s talking about his resume or accomplishments but not in a social setting (if that makes sense). We even had our first kiss. It was a little awkward for me. I am really big on having physical chemistry with a person. I noticed while kissing there wasn’t any sparks for me. I felt like I was just kissing to be kissing. He asked if I wanted to sleep with him (lol). Umm, NO. While I have had my share of first date rolls in the hay. This was not the night, besides I am no longer into fucking just for the sake of fucking. Sex is serious to me these days (smile). So we end the night on that note. We spoke on the phone while we headed in our separate directions. I was really on cloud nine after this great first date.

So You Wanna Play?

The next day (Saturday) we made plans to see each other later in the evening. On Friday he casually expressed interest in monopolizing my weekend, and after date 1 I figure you may have that chance. So in preparation for an evening with him, I decided to hang out at my friend’s house that lives somewhat in his area (which is 25 miles away from me). I also brought my night bag just in case it was “convenient’ for me to have a slumber party with my date. I get to my friend’s house and begin telling the story of this new guy. Around 8:00pm, I hadn’t heard from him so I give him a call. He explains he’s on his way home and while at the gas station he spilled some gasoline on himself and wanted to take a shower (oookay). No problem, hit me when you’re clean. I get no call back.

So at 11:00pm I go to bed at my girl’s spot. At this point I am annoyed. Nothing is worst than being stood up by someone. This is particularly hard to swallow when you’re the pursuee. So the next day, I am curious to find out what story Mr. Man had for me. I’m not tripping on the fact that we didn’t go out. But your inconsiderate ass neglected to call and inform me of your new plans. What a great first impression. So Sunday afternoon, I decided to be the adult and call him. At this point I wanted to hear his explanation. So he answers the phone like, Hey- I did nothing wrong-How are you? He then asks to see me this evening. I asked if he was sure and he said yes. This is around 3pm. So I get dressed because either way I needed to head back to my house. At 6:00pm I didn’t heard from him, so home is where I headed. As soon as I stepped in the house I took off my clothes and put on my sleepwear. I had a feeling of déjà vu. I made no attempts to call and see what happened this time after all, who gives a damn.

He calls me a day or two later. The first thing he asks in a dorky tone is “What are you wearing?” I couldn’t help but have an agitated tone. You didn’t start this call by asking me this ridiculous question. This is what I mean about NOT having any swagger. Perhaps, if you were Mr. Smooth and had more bass in your voice I might have indulged myself by answering. He gives me his excuses for not calling. But at this point, it doesn't matter.

Correct me if I’m wrong:
1. You’re the one who approached me.
2. You’re the one who insisted on going out the first night of our phone conversation.
3. You’re the one talking about the low quality of women you seem to be attracting lately.
4. You’re the 38 years old who seems to play more games than a 3 years old.
5. You’re not stupid; I know this because you reiterated this every chance you could.
6. You’re the one who wanted to start an “exclusive” relationship with me (someone you’ve known all of 24 hours).

*Side Note – Let’s recap his past experience with women (at least from his perspective). Whether these stories are fact or fiction remains to be seen.

Relationship #1;

You had a girlfriend paid her mortgage on her condo. You traveled a lot while dating her, so she feels neglect and decided to find herself a jump off. You come to her crib one day to make up for lost times only to have Mr. Jump off entering the house with the key your girl gave him. Moral of the story (from my point of view); You’re the sucker and that was an expensive lesson to learn regardless if you have it or not. She obviously didn’t consider your feelings while you were paying her mortgage and getting some dick on the side.

Relationship #2: You had a girl who basically used and abused you financially. She lived “paycheck to paycheck” as you say, and felt it was your duty to provide for her. Yet you wondered why she had no drive or ambition. Her goal was to be taken care of. I equate this to trying to fill a cup with a hole in it. How long will the cup ever stay full?

I’m not sure why he told me this. Maybe to see if I would think of this as a gold digging opportunity? But my reaction to both stories was shock on your end for letting the situation happen more than once. He mentioned he falls hard for a woman easily; perhaps you may want to work on that. Or maybe you enjoy sponsoring the women of Dallas.

What I don’t get is why are you wasting my time? Its like he’s trying to flip the script and have me chase after him. Maybe that’s what you’re use to, but I run behind no man. Especially when you initiated all contact. It sucks for him because you missed out on a great opportunity to relate to someone of substance. I truly believe the people you attract are a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. You attract thirsty women because you’re needy yourself. Your power or should I say your high level of self esteem stems from being needed by women. Only problem is, I don’t need you. My biological clock isn’t ticking and I’m not approaching 40 so I don’t sense an urgency to create a family by any means necessary. Not to mention, I don't need your money, I pay my mortgage on my own just fine...


T.C. said...

blank stair as i try to figure out what the HELL dude was thinking...

maybe that's why he is 38 and still single...smh...

Black Mamba said...

LMAO at your last paragraph. Guys like that need a dose of reality.

Sounds to me that he was either trying to get you to chase him or that maybe he was playing you after you wouldn't sleep with him on the first date.

Either way, good riddance. Yay to you for not needing a man to pay your way!

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