Monday, December 31, 2007

Letting it Go in 2007…

Ms. Confessions

1. I still have no sympathy for stupid people and its scary that some of you are parents.

2. If 2007 wasn’t a good year for you, then make it happen in 2008. Please spare us your infinite reasons for why things didn’t go well this year, never mind the fact that hard work is a part of progression and success.

3. Ladies we need to get it together in 08. What kind of example are we setting for females born after 1992? The golden ticket for life cannot be found between your legs or in some man’s wallet.

4. I will find my Mr. Right. I vowed to never do harmful drugs, so I vow to NOT settle for just any dick that comes along.

5. Let’s ignore dumb ass celebrities. Pay NO attention to Lindsey, Paris, Kim Kardashian, Britney, etc in 2008.

6. I still don’t want a scrub (men get your shit together).

7. Fuck Corporate America I hate you backstabbing Pimps & Whores. (However, I will use you for every resource you have, just as you use me).

8. Thank God I got into this MBA program (if I hadn’t not sure what was next).

9. Time really doesn’t stand still for anyone.

10. Lastly, Bullshit walks and Actions talk.


Black Mamba said...

Here here! Cheers! :-)
Happy New Year

Blu Jewel said...

Happy New Year lady and may all your dreams become your reality.

Amen to #3.

T.C. said...

Happy New Year!
so you start off the year with real talk...
how about i totally am feeling this list....let's get it in 08!

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy new year!

The Mistress said...

Some of these are gonna be HARD to keep girl!

Especially paying no attention to the celebutards...Britney news been all over the net and TV for the past three days! :-)

I wish she would hurry up and calm the fuck down for her children's sake.


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