Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Blast From My Past..

Last night I had dinner with a guy I use to date like eight years ago (yeah I know). Evidently for the past year he’s been trying to get in contact with me by dropping by my parent’s house. My mom told me about his last visit about three months ago. He left her his business card, and I decided I would call him once I got back to L.A. So I called him this past Thursday evening and it appears he hasn’t missed a beat as it pertains to us. Unfortunately, at the time I vaguely recalled him let alone any details of our encounters. But the conversation was good enough for us to coordinate a date for Friday night.

So Friday night comes and he was 2 hours late. I was highly annoyed at first and bitched about it for a little while to his face. But he did redeem himself by showing me a nice night out on the town. We ended up dining at a place called Gladstone’s in Malibu. And I couldn’t image a better place to have a reunion. One thing I miss about L.A. is the beach. We had a booth over looking the beachfront, and it was the most beautiful thing to me. I watched the window like it was a great movie or tv show.

Dinner was fabulous and we decided to park by the water, listen to some music, and talk. I felt very comfortable with Mr. NY (that’s where he’s from originally). I’m not sure where I want things to go. He’s been very vocal about being in my life and wanting to rekindle what we had.

But am I ready to let him back in????


Black Mamba said...

It's a new year, life is too short, if you are liking what you see and hear then give it a shot. :-)

CW said...

I maybe paranoid..but tread carefully...And like Black Mamba said...Life is short...So have fun!


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