Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Really???

So I’ve been having this virtual exchange with a guy I met in Tucson, AZ while visiting for Turkey Day. He’s a friend of my younger brother. Initially I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. We had good conversation with my nephew and it was at that point when I noticed him more. He’s member of a Greek fraternity (one that I enjoy poking good harmless fun at). So that was basically the underlying theme of our “ice breaker”. I’ve spent the past few days talking to him via myspace (we haven’t upgraded to better communication methods just yet).

I’m not sure how to read this young man. Its rather funny, here I am “Ms. Older & Mature” trying to say things to him that would indirectly provide me insight of his mental state; and I end up speechless at least twice after his replies. Where do you guys get your “game”? Hell, I am quite confident most females his age aren’t asking or even phrasing questions the way I do, yet his comebacks are so witty and a little smooth. Now, of course none of this can really be accurately measured until we: a) have another live conversation, and b) get together again.

This post may even be premature since the two above-mentioned incidences have yet to occur. But I congratulate him for having me very much intrigued and wanting to know more. We’ll have to see how far my little crimson & cream friend can go….

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T.C. said...

it may sound funny, but age is simply a number, maybe he really has it goign on...but like you said, time will tell...

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