Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Education Really Pointless?

I’ve found myself in “adult world” having to defend my views of education quite often. It blows my mind when I think about the level of ignorance as it pertains to seeking a higher education. This is particularly alarming when people set in their “career” don’t deem it necessary to take a class or two. In my opinion, I feel a person who has found their career of choice should want to seek education to perfect what it is they do everyday.

It baffles me when you have people in a position of power who consider education to be useless. I understand the old schoolyard debates, but do grown ass people really think going to school is a waste of time? I also don’t agree with people who seek degrees in a certain field only because they want a prestigious job. If there’s no genuine love in what you do, what inner drive do you have that inspires to you go through the ups and downs that all professions entail?

I find it amazing when I tell someone I am going to grad school and the first thing they say is “You don’t need to go for this job”. It is at that point our conversation has respectfully ended.


T.C. said...

you go for YOU! bump what people say...there are probably parts of your job that others haven't even thought about doing because they don't have the educational attainment...eventually in any job you will hit a glass ceiling, because of a lack of continued education...even if its just updating your certifications...

I have found that many people will state those types of things because they want you to stay where they are at...feel me...

so in the words of a great comic...
don't worry bout da haters go for yours!

Anonymous said...

Education is pointless for those who are in a comfort zone, and have no desire to move ahead. They've peaked, and are just on auto-pilot without ambition.

I would not trust anyone who would tell me not to get an education. This whole game of life is based on competition, and they are not interested in having you achieve more only to potentially take their job or become their boss. Some people believe it is better to squelch ambition before it rises to the top which is twisted.

Life is a tricky set of systems, but honestly, I have always operated under the radar. I had two graduate degrees, and one undergraduate degree by the time I was 28- largely because I kept people at bay and UNDER informed. I never hid my endeavors, I just rarely reported out...except to those who supported my dreams.

I can think back to one of the young women who I supervised who took full advantage of the tuition reimbursement at our company to start her masters in real estate. I totally supported her decision, and made sure that she could modify her schedule to take classes, and scheduled staff meetings in the morning instead of late afternoon. I kept this info confidential, because I knew that my direct supervisor was prone to jealousy (hateful, evil chick) and would have thrown any obstacle in her way to make sure that she could not achieve her dreams.

Sad....and for the record, we were all black women at a majority white corporation. No guarantees anywhere.

Blu Jewel said...

completely agree with both comments. Life is too short to set limitations on yourself and not having an education will certainly pose a limitation.

One should always strive for me and to do better; well, that's if they have any ambition at all anyway.

I have a BA is Lang/Litt and was once told by a man at a placement agency (of all places) that I'd never have a career only a job because of my degree. I've more than proved him wrong because EVERY industry needs someone who can read and write well; something I'm great at. I've created and updated documents that were used in the 22 Air Traffic Control Centers across the country in order to make the job more efficient. I've been instrumental in writing proposals used to bid on multi-million dollar projects; I interface with the FAA Program Office in D.C, but I'll never have a career right?! WRONG!

It's a-holes like him that promote that demeaning attitude toward women and cause some to think less of their education choices. I didn't go for a degree that would garner me the most prestigious or highest paying job; I went for what I wanted and was good at.

Continue to do you as I know you will and your blessing will come to you as it's supposed to.

Oh, and good luck with Mr. Client. *wink*

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

education isnt but most schols train, fols usually educate themselves - found u via Blu

Ebonne said...

I totally agree with you, and you should definitely look toward higher education. I was in the same situation back in 2003. I was working in radio and was really starting to get interested in the business side of music. I decided to apply for the grad music business program at NYU. All my colleagues and record label friends and business partners I worked with all said, why are you going back to school for that. You're already in, you already have connections, and thats all the industry is.. is knowing people.

I ignored all of them and will be finished with the program in 2 weeks. Its one of my greatest achievements and I am more than thrilled I enrolled in the program. I still have those contacts I had before, plus more, and learned a lot about myself. I also have that piece of paper and ultimately, my resume looks a lot better now that I have a masters from a pre-ivy league school on it.

Ultimately dont let anyone tell you what you should do. Make the decision for yourself and what you feel is right for you. Do that and you can never go wrong

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