Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Lettter to My Bosses....

It is that time of year for family, togetherness, love, and prosperity. It is through the storm and pain we truly gain our strengths. It brings me joy to know that regardless how hard we try no man can control another man’s destiny or fate. I would like to thank both of you for providing me an abrupt out in a situation that was wearing on my soul and spirit.

I came into this company under massive chaos, high turnovers, and little to no organization and looked at it as an opportunity to test my own personal strengths and talents. After 90 days of my arrival my biggest support left the company for a reason that became clearer as time went on. Rather than panic and hide behind the shadow of someone else, I stepped up and learned all I could to move the team forward.

As a year approached of my date of hire I noticed things really hadn’t changed too much since the first day. One fact that always remained was great people some how and some way left. I also noticed that perhaps I had maxed out on any further mental stimulation I could receive from doing my job. After all, it is from upper management where one should look to enhance their professional skills. However, this could be nothing more than an empty wish.

How is one to gain inspiration or advice from someone who can only relate to you by telling irrelevant Premier or Mary Kay anecdotes? How is one to know you have their back, when you have no backbone and is afraid to say what’s in their heart? On the other hand, you have a boss who admits they don’t have any dreams nor believe in higher education, and use the route of slandering to rally up their troops. Yet, the people below you are suppose to gain motivation from you. Its beyond obvious the language of standardized English is a lost treasure. I’ve never seen such bad use of grammar in my brief professional career. “Pay attention to details” is a phrased I often had one of my professors tell me time and time again. And now I understand the importance. So where does a college graduate and MBA candidate go to gain sound business mentorship within this company?

How many people in your organization genuinely have the love and passion for this industry the way I do, including yourselves? As a person who aspires to own and operate a successful business; I considered this job as an informal internship indirectly providing me the dynamics of running a good program. It is for this reason I admire our Apples and Googles. They demand the best employees and give the best in return.

I only wish the same brainstorming, plotting, and planning goes into more positive and productive projects besides getting rid of me. Its sad that your career high came the day you fired me, one of the best players on your roster. But again I thank you for reinforcing what I already knew. There are absolutely no hard feelings and I genuinely hope you grow and learn from this experience.

Best Wishes,
Ms. Confessions


j.a.c. said...

i just got the daily quote in my inbox... thought you could use it. "When one door closes another one opens. What you believe is the worst moment of your life could turn out to be the beginning of a new and better life…"
by Margie Tsoukias

Blu Jewel said...

agree with j.a.c and also that your growth potential will not be inhibited by this, but enhanced. your letter was spot on and i hope that you will be able to share it with them. should they try to use it against you later, you can tell your next employer that saw it as constructive insight should they start to wonder why they've constantly lost or terminated good employees.

side bar...are you gonna be able to maintain contact with Mr. Dreamy now that you're no longer with the company?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of insane jackals. They stupidly made attempts to restrain a talented person- and it is now their loss.

Take all of your positive energy and moxie and continue to push it out to the next episode. You'll shine even brighter, because there won't be dark clouds hiding your sun.

:) Onward and upward.

T.C. said...

i agree with everyone...you WILL do GREAT things...you are a survivor and there is definitely something on the other side of this for you...that i know...keep your head up...its gonna work out!

Ms. Confessions said...

Blu- It is very still on and poppin with Mr. Client and I. In fact, I told him the news last week via email and we also planned our "date".

Off to bigger & better always :)

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