Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm Ready to VOTE...

Is it just me or are we all ready to vote? I am so ready to bring a DEMOCRAT in office. I watched the debate last night. I am so proud to be a Democrat (now). For the first time I shared their passion and enthusiasm while watching the debate. It was like watching a good talk show (not sure who’s). I felt the candidates were being real and frank with most responses.

I felt everyone’s frustration with our current administration. Why the hell can’t we impeach this asshole idiot????

My thoughts on the candidates:

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

This guy was a standard politician to me. I didn’t really get any emotional connection with him. So there, I don’t consider him top pick for the Democrats.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

I so love Hillary! And damn it, she made me so proud to be a woman last night. She held her own and put an end to anyone who attempted to contradict her words or past actions. She’s a bad mutha! We need a BIG change in office right now and she’s our lady. Ladies and Gentlmen, this is our next PRESIDENT!

Chris Dodd

Again another dry politician. Didn’t really move me. He fits the typical bland, stiff shirt presidential hopeful preaching about change.

John Edwards

I actually enjoyed listening to what he had to say. He’s a guy with a lot of heart and passion. He’s has that warm and honest southern charm. I particularly enjoyed watching him and Obama go back and forth. He definitely needs to be included in the new democratic administration’s dream team.

Dennis Kucinich

I was pretty impressed with his logical explanations to possible solutions. He seemed very aware of the issues and occasionally offered insightful viewpoints. But not my top pick. I need him to get a little more personality.

Bill Richardson

To be honest, I have no feelings either way. I applaud him for his efforts on making a difference. But I don’t see us calling him Commander and Chief.

Barack Obama

What more can I say about this man? I truly believe this man and Hilary should be on the same ticket. I want Hilary for president and Barack for Vice (only because of lack of experience in politics). But words don’t begin to describe how good it feels to have such a powerful and inspirational man in a positive light. I wanna say BRAVO to his parents. Speechless!

You can take the time to read up on all of these candidates’ ideas and platforms. My purpose was to express my desire to vote and really pay attention to what everyone has to say. I am happy we’ve done away with the dry and boring debates. You know, the typical presidential hopefuls shouting their promises for change. But I now see the urgency for the truth and not memorized speeches full of words from your political writers. The world is tired of the bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Name 5 things that Hillary has done since she has been in the senate...besides voting "yes" for the war, and "no" last week to not funding cheating..I'm from her "home state" and I can't name anything...

nic said...

I'm glad to see that you're taking the time to familiarize yourself with the candidates. Wish I could say the same. But at least I have a lot of time to catch up.

@ anon. I feel ya!

A woman on the move said...

Anonymous- The fact that Hilary (like everyone else) voted YES to the war is irrelevant. She’s already publicly stated she regret that vote. Naturally we all assumed the facts and the truth were being presented at the time of voting on the war. I don’t blame her or any other Senator for voting NO to war funding- the war is a fucking mess and it needs to end.

But to give you a brief glimpse of what she’s been up to:
She’s actively working to increase minimum wage.
She’s working on passing tax cuts that benefit the working and middle class.
She assisted with passing a bill that funds the Renewal Communities program, which brings jobs into inner cities.
She’s a huge advocate of education.

Don’t get me started on my girl HILARY.

Now name 5 things Mr. Bush has done positive since being in office.

Nic-Yeah we do have quite a bit of time. But it is exciting to watch.

Watching the Republican Debate now. What a show! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with her war vote. Everybody was drinking the bush kool-aid and running scared. My point was it just seems that the only things ever mentioned that she has completed are those two votes. It wasn't an attack- slow I'd throw Obama up in the same category too as in having zero idea what he has achieved. Richardson is actually one of the best qualified candidates on paper. He just doesn't have the PR machine and charisma of the other two...and will never raise as much money.

For the record, I've met Hillary several times, and she has always been very pleasant, intelligent, and does have the wow factor. I've also met Gov. Richardson, when I had a meeting in New Mexico...quite smart and poised.

As for Bush- I leave it to Fox News to find his positives- I have no interest.

The Mistress said...

If Al Gore runs I see a ticket with either him and Edwards or him and Obama...if he DOESN'T run I see the nomination going to Edwards and Obama on the VP ticket.

I could be wrong of course.

Personally I like all of the top candidates and would vote for any of them...Clinton, Obama, or Edwards.

Blu Jewel said...

i like me some Hilary too, so to some degree my comments will be biased.

my overall take on this is, whomever takes over office is fucked in the ass with no KY or a condom! bush has wreaked so much havoc and left so much shit in his wake that it'll take a full body suit to wade through it all to even attempt to clean it up.

each candidate has his/her own agenda regardless of what they say publically because that's just how politricks is. Obama has the cleanest slate, but he's a rookie and his being president though hella attractive, wouldn't be a good look as he lacks certain experience.

i'll publically admit to being a registered Dem and will vote that ticket and simply pray that whomever gets my vote will be able to make some of their platforms a true reality for this country. if not, i may just pack my ish and move to Jamaica or!

A woman on the move said...

Anonymous- LOL about the Bush Kool-aid.
I see your points. I do believe we are finally witnessing a great race for presidency. I am proud of our democratic choices this time around!

Mistress- I would love to see Al Gore run as well. I agree with those top picks as well!

Blu- Yes, whoever does come in after homeboy will have one hellva job to tackle. The major flaw with Obama is his lack of experience. But he’s great to watch and listen to .

I don’t see how a Republican will when office this time (sorry Rudi). If that is a case, I am starting my own day war in this country for the massive injustice. LOL

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