Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Remember:Flashback...

I remember when I was 14 years old and my mother got me tickets to the “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt’em Tour.

It was TLC, Boyz II Men, Hammer, and JODECI. I was so in love with JODECI. Oh I loved me some Mr. Dalvin-damn I loved JODECI. It’s funny I considered people who cry and go crazy over any star psycho. But I was indeed very much psycho when it came to JODECI.

I had any and every magazine that mentioned the word JODECI. I had so many posters taped on all four walls. I wrote Mr. Dalvin on the soles of my purple Vans. But it was during the time of this concert where I truly out did myself as it pertains to stars.

So as the concert was approaching I had it in my mind that I was going to meet Mr. Dalvin. (Not sure what I thought I had to offer at 14-but gotta love my attempt). I took it upon myself to find what hotel they were staying in while in L.A. I literally went through the yellow pages and called numerous hotels and asked for bookings under their manager’s name. And sure enough, I found the hotel they were staying at right off Hollywood Blvd.

So after I came home from the concert, my heart was on fire. I had to have him. My cousin and I called the hotel and was connected to the room. I let my cousin talk because I was a nerd and being a chicken shit. I remember someone (not sure who) was trying to get us to come to the room that night. (But at 14 years old, guess where the hell I was not going to ask my parents to go?) We got off the phone and it planned to go to the hotel during the day.

So the next afternoon my cousin (13 years old) and I hoped on the RTD bus and took it to Hollywood, which turned out to be an hour ride. Before we left I wrote a note to my parents letting them know “ I went to see Jodeci at their hotel”. (Like that’s all there was to it). We get there and the front desk told us they checked out about 30 minutes ago. So I was HOT for several reasons. I missed the love of my life, rode the freaking bus all the way there, and I am going to get my ass kicked when I get home for nothing.

We got back to my house and I got yelled at. My mom took my cousin back home (she was going to spend the night), yelled at me, and placed me on punishment. She hated JODECI especially after that.


Blu Jewel said...

AWW! I dont think i've ever gone that far for a celeb, but that was a cute thing to do for your age. I recently saw a video of Hammer with some other dude doing a song about bringing the brothers home from Iraq. I was stunned to see him, but i'll admit the song was inspirational though.

T.C. said...

OMGoodnesss, guuuurrrrllll you are lucky you momma didn't woop your azz for mother have thrown foot all up in me...LMAO!

Gurl! I loved this I needed this today...thanks for keepin it real all the time

A woman on the move said...

Blu-Hammer was always cool to me at that time. :)
I had all of albums u until when he went "gangsta" singing about Pumps in the Bump..LOL

TC-I know I am lucky moms didnt really beat me. Thank God nothing happended to us while we were on our little trip. The things you do as a teen...LOL

B.m.W said...

That's priceless. I won't say I'd never go that far, but I haven't to date. Once I was like 5 steps from Amerie just before her 1st single hit MTV/BET. I was like what the hell is she wearing to my friends. Next thing you know, she was singing with Nas on stage. :(

The Mistress said...

ROFL cause I was the same way back then!

A total groupie!!!

Complete with wall posters, cassette tapes, t-shirts...YOU NAME IT.


nic said...

Aww, that was such a cute story.

Honey-Libra said...

HAHAHHAAHAH...funny cause they look a mess now

A woman on the move said...

Well the Amerie thing could have been worst. She could of heard you LMAO!

Mistress- You know I had another group I was a little wacko over that would be New Kids On The Block. LOL

Nic- Sad but true! ☺

Honey- Dalvin was a HOT ass mess like 8 years ago. Especially when he tried to come out with his solo album. STOP IT!!!

Yes, they all look pretty busted these days. What happen?

Southern_Lady said...

We do some crazy stuff over our favorite celebrities. I went to that tour, too. I was obsessed with JODECI. I still have the VIBE that they were on the cover of. Too bad you missed them!

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