Friday, January 19, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

I enjoy working at my new company (really I do) but I am starting to notice some interesting things in regards to the type of people we hire in upper management. The following observations are by no means exclusive to this company (unfortunately).

As an aspiring entrepreneur with aspirations of having the best and most qualified to help me run my company, I’ve found too often that most established companies don’t seem to have that same mentality. I know there are such things as Corporate Politics and hiring your friends/family regardless of their background. But even more relevant as me being one of the rookies on my new “team”; I find that I have more qualifications than most of the people over me.

We just outsourced a district manager position (not sure why). My apprehensions about this move stem from my beliefs that upper management should be reserved for those who have started from the bottom and worked their way up. It isn’t about seniority, its’ about promoting people who are familiar with your company and its culture. Well this new lady is a trip.

From the moment I met her she seemed ready to take charge and flex her authoritative muscles. She and I were training together on making deposits for our company. Well, why was I the only one taking notes? For starters we are both new and there’s too much information to learn. Perhaps, because I came out of school not that long ago, but it’s in me to ALWAYS take notes. Missy just sat there looking crazy and then once she was giving an opportunity to demonstrate what she just learned she stumbled. Perhaps, you should have written shit down asshole!

But that doesn’t take the cake for me. I had the “honor” of working with her the other day and noticed some more things about Ms. Manager. One of our clients has a lot of secretarial needs i.e. word correspondence. So she was working on one of his letters and asked if I could proof the letter for her. No problem! While I am reading it with her on her screen she noticed the word will underlined green. She then asks me why that is. “I know this word is spelled right.” I paused for a minute; surely you didn’t ask that dumb ass question (yes there are DUMB questions). Trying my best to not laugh at her ass, I explained to her calmly that the underlined word in green means it’s a grammar error (Retard). Now how did you get your job again?

We had our first manager’s meeting yesterday which was spearheaded by our district manager. It was semi productive but she asked another brilliant question during the meeting. “What is 12 times 12?” (Yes, she was serious) I answered the questions without really thinking. But once I had a moment to reflect I wondered why are these women over me asking such questions.

Is it because they are lighter than me (meaning white)? Now let’s take me (Ms. Black Woman), what if I didn’t know the basic functions of word? Would I be able to get any office job? What if I didn’t know basic math? Would I be qualified to manage a company and its employees? While both of these women may have more “working experience” does that justify their qualifications for being in their current positions? So for a better picture lets’ look at my background: 18 months of relevant commercial real estate experience, business degree, real estate license, proficient in all ms programs, and I can do basic math. Yet I am under these two.

I’m just saying…

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Blu Jewel said...

you're just saying and i'm just agreeing.

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