Thursday, January 18, 2007

WTF Thursday- Bringing My Rantings Back!

Why the Fuck do I have to drive in the snow to go to work? (Because I am a worker bee and my safety doesn’t matter-For Now).

Why the fuck isn’t Hillary and Obama running on the same ticket? (So we can split the votes, and the Republicans will win again).

When the fuck will we stop letting everyone have talk show? (Still waiting on Tyra to go away- I don’t see a 20 years dvd set in her future)

Who the fuck really understands the dynamics of having a meaningful and sound relationship with a person of the opposite? (Hand down)

Who the fuck agrees that American Idol is only good during the auditions? (Just when I may feel a little down, I know it can always be worst, LOL)

Why the fuck do people in Dallas drive fast and recklessly during bad weather, but go 30 miles an hour during good weather? (I hate you idiots).

What the fuck am I suppose to wear during this awful “winter blast” bullshit? (It’s too damn cold to go out and buy Aspen type wear, LOL)

Who the fuck really wants to date or even marry a woman like New York? ( I need you to raise your standards a little higher)

What the fuck is the REAL reasoning behind “employee” meetings? (Is it to play the blame game?)

Why the fuck do OLD older people swear they know everything? (I thought the learning curve never ends)

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Blu Jewel said...

this made me laugh like hell. great post!

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