Thursday, January 25, 2007

WTF Thursday...

Who the fuck watch the State of the Union? (Not I, I did see the recaps-LIES LIES LIES)

Why the fuck didn’t Bush mention anything about the Hurricane Katrina mess? (Because he doesn’t give a damn, so why pretend?)

Who the Fuck is looking forward to their Income Tax Returns? (Uncle Sam the biggest PIMP in the world)

Why the fuck am I being penalized tax wise for being “single” and taking birth control pills? (My bad for being responsible)

What the fuck is Isaiah Washington’s (Grey’s Anatomy) freaking problem? You’re only going to rehab because you want to keep your job, perhaps you should have kept your big ass mouth shut. (I swear black people with fame and money).

Why the fuck didn’t Dreamgirls get an Oscar nomination for best movie? (It’s always a set up)

Why the fuck did Beyonce truly think she would be nominated for Oscar? (Not hating on her, but I need you to play other roles besides being a singer or a celebrity (Pink Panther) when that’s what you’re known for in real life-Not too far fetch?)

Who the fuck cares if Tyra is gaining weight? (Glad to see she looks like any other healthy black woman- I still don’t like you!)


T.C. said...

Why the fuck am I being penalized tax wise for being “single” and taking birth control pills? (My bad for being responsible-HELLO!
they come of us FIRST!

Blu Jewel said...

Aint a thing in here i disagree with. PREACH girl; PREACH! I especially like the one about Isaih Washington. I'm so sick of his black ass! That shit about being single and on b.c's now that's some real live bullshit right there.
(SMH and cussing)

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Shit,I really missed WTF thursday's.Ok let me begin with...

WTF are so many guys feeling MS. NY?

Why da fuck does New York's mother look like a man with a weave on?

Why da fuck does she wear so much makeup and still look like shit?

Why da fuck does that girl in my job hate on me so much? Bitch let go of my leg!!

WTF have I been soo lazy?

Why da fuck have i not visited this blog for so long?

WTF am i only meeting meaty fat dudes?

WTF is wrong with only thinking about myself? Like wtf?

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