Monday, September 04, 2006

A Letter of Songs...

Dear Love,

Let me cater to you while you’re my weekend love. Can I come over so you can lay it down on me? I wanna rock da boat, because I gots ta be the one you want. Stroking you down has now left me speechless, because I think I love you. In fact, I know I am falling for you. Baby I’m ready, to give you all of my love. So don’t be afraid to come inside, because I can love you better. Let’s make a love scene because we both need a lil more love.

Take me as I am. I admit I can’t stop loving you. It seems like your ready to elevate with me to a destination unknown to both of us. Sex with you is like nothing I could have ever imagined. You’ve got that butta love that can only be grown in our secret garden. This is definitely no ordinary love. Baby, I’m trying to keep myself together til I find myself in you. My love is a house for my distant lover. Just in case I don’t get the chance to tell you; your love is like one in a million.

At last, I’ve found someone who completes and compliments me. Where I wanna be is in your arms after a long hectic day. It’s at your best you are loved. You’re a positive motivating force within my life. Truth is I always knew you would be the one for me. Hey lover, I truly believe there’s a ribbon in the sky for our love. I wanna know if you feel the same way I do? We’re just ordinary people; we don’t know which way to go. Neither one of us expected things to go this far. But now I am caught up in the rapture of your love. That weekend, all I could do is give him something he could feel, to let him know my love is very real.

You mean the world to me and the best language is perhaps Portuguese love. So like a careless whisper, I’m never gonna make love again the way that I sexed you. Have you ever loved somebody, and didn’t expect it to ever be that person? You give good love, so good I wanna be your housekeeper, boy! Perhaps, the experience was just my imagination running away with me. But if only you knew, how much joy you bring to me. At any rate, remember I’ll be there for you; all you have to do is call on me.



G. Mo said...

Well alright now!!!! That was on point.

The Stiltwalker said...

portuguese love? don't recall that one. But this is goood!

BrillD said...

Excuse me. You definitely listed
some of my favorites. I'm glad
to see that you've found somebody
that makes you "Float".

T.C. said...

you took it to 'em didn't u...glad that you are feelin that good ol feelin again

BluJewel said...

Oh, you did the damn thing girl. Ironmunki did a killer one with Sade. Between you and him, Im gonna have to find the one I did with Maxwells songs.

A woman on the move said...

@G-Mo- Thanks!!! Needless to say I was feeling pretty good that day…

@Stiltwalker- Teena Marie, baby girl, LOL

@ BrillD- I wouldn’t say I found someone. I would say I was reminiscing on a great encounter/ experience with an old friend.

Not sure what brought on the flashback, but I do know it exist to have those types of feelings for a person. Nothing is better!!!

@T.C.- Looking forward to feeling that way about that “perfect” man for me. Girl, I swear I can feel and taste it…LOL

@Blu- I didn’t even touch the surface with the great songs that just make you wanna have some babies, LOL.

I thought it was a great reflective exercise for when I feel like love and loving someone is a bunch of bullshit.

Love is real, it’s great, and it doesn’t have to be full of drama or just a dream…

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