Thursday, August 31, 2006

WTF Thursday...

Why the f*** is Flavor Flav always eating KFC?

What the f*** is/are your fantasy (ies)?

Why the f*** are we always trying to rescue another country, while ignoring what’s happening in our own backyard?

Why the f*** do 99% of the women on Flavor of Love have hair weaves?

What the f*** is that new reality show with Shannon Doherty? (Do I really need her to dumb someone for me?)

Why the f*** are people in "monogamous" relationships only to agree to an "open" door policy?

What the f*** did Bush say dumb this week? (In an interview w/Brain Williams dumb dumb was telling Brian he likes to read elected books-he meant eclectic)

Why the f*** do women shake their asses so easily in public and for no real reason?

Who the f*** uses ProActive?

What the f*** are you guys doing for Labor Day weekend? (I’m having company *wink*)

What the f*** is wrong with Karr? (Let Tyrone confess to killing a little white girl)

Who the f*** else is going to announce another lay-off?

Who the f*** is buying Beyonce’s album? (Why?)

Why the f*** do I keep attracting men who are married or in a relationship? (Am I wearing an invisible sign on my forehead saying I love men who are taken?)

Why the f*** do people go to college only to finish with a degree in "General Studies" or "Interdisciplinary Studies"? (Sounds like you went in and came out still NOT knowing wtf you want to do)

Who the f*** watches "Dancing w/ the Stars?"

What the f*** are your goals in life?


j.a.c. said...

lol. Oh no!!! lol. I watch "Dancing with the Stars"! lol. Guilty pleasure of mine... ;)

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Why The F*** is my mother always taking her anger out on me?

Why the F*** am I getting kicked out my house for doing nothing?

Why the F*** am I still using my computer after she told me this?

Why the F*** am I still 'happy as can be'?

Why the F*** am I ALWAYS her punshing bag?

Why the F*** am I not her favorite? (I'm her ONLY daughter!!!)

Why the F*** did I make Blue my boyfriend?
(I was the other women who ended his relationship due to our good 'FUCK RUMBLES' and two year frienship) Like WDF am I thinking?

Why The F*** am I considering to be a HAIR MODEL, just because I saw a BITCH I know on a BLACK HAIR magazine?


The Mistress said...

Girl, have a greay time, I hope the sex is HOT! ;-)

And when you find out who's buying Beyonce's album, slap them for me.

Anyway, as far as Mr. Karr goes, I'm on to his ass. That bastard just wanted a free, first-class ride back from Thailand. Sorry fucker.

nikki said...

why the f*** can't i cuss? what the f*** is THAT about?!?

Tired of being broke said...

Bush is an idiot all day every day. He also cannot pronounce the word 'nuclear'. That idiot!!

shereejoi said...

Why the fuck is my allergies bothering me?
Why the fuck am I losing interest in my man?
Why do I have the attitude where I just don't give a fuck?
Why the fuck did I wait til the end of the summer to cut my hair off?

A woman on the move said...

@j.a.c.- It’s all good! I forgive you, LOL.

@pussy cat- everything happens for a reason as far as mom situation.

Yes, WTF are you doing w/ Blue?
Do you baby girl, don’t worry about the other chicks and their current endeavors.

@Mistress- A good time is all I plan on having!

@Nikki- We’re fucking ladies, that’s why… HAHAHA!!

@tired- I have a feeling every week I’ll have something new to say about this man.

Why the fuck is my allergies bothering me?
Okay now why the f*** am I having this issue too? Started yesterday, wtf?

Why the fuck did I wait til the end of the summer to cut my hair off?
Once again, I feel you on this. I keep cutting my hair and letting it grow back (mind you when it grows back, I’ll say I wont cut it again).

WTF, indeed?

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