Thursday, August 17, 2006

WTF Thursday…

What the F**** is that dance chicken noodle soup?
What the F**** is wrong with President Bush?

Why the f*** does my boss think it’s okay to call me “chickie” or “chickie doodle”? (We’re not cool enough for you to give me a pet name. And I’m not your damn chickie!)
Why the f*** am I being penalized tax wise for not having any dependents?
Why the f*** are people interested in Paris Hilton?
Why the f**** does it appear harder now that I am getting older to meet a man of substance? (Or am I too picky?)
Why the f**** am I working only to feel like I am broke?
Why the f**** did I get my Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, or a degree at all?
Why the f**** is it hard to let someone go, when you know you should?
What the f**** is wrong with our inner city school systems?
Why the f**** am I always looking forward to Friday?
When the f**** is this "paying your dues" period over?
Why the f**** am I so horny lately?

When the f*** will this urge pass? (Once I get some?)
Why the f**** is LIFE so complicated?
Why the f**** can't I manage my money? (Was there a class I missed?)
When the f*** is Mr. Comfortable going to stop calling? (Despite the fact that I no longer answer his phone calls)

Why the f**** can’t I take my make-up, cell phone or laptop on the freaking plane? (So now I’ll be greasy and bored on the plane.)
Why the f*** does my boss ALWAYS interrupts my conversations and NEVER says “Excuse Me”?

What the f*** comes up first when you type in FAILURE in a google search?
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    BrillD said...

    Hey AWOTM. Good post.

    That "Chicken Noodle Soup" shit
    is just New York's corny attempt
    at competing with Atlanta.

    People are interested in Paris
    because the media has brain-
    washed them. TV is a menace
    these days.

    It is possible that you're too
    picky. You are a Virgo , aren't
    you? I'm just teasin'.

    T.C. said...

    Why the f**** was the lady pimping her THREE kinds on the train yesterday?

    T.C. said...

    Oh, and yeah I am feeling you...on more than one level with this one!

    JoJo D. said...

    Why the f*** did I come to see you this morning, WOTM? Because I needed to get my rants out today, and you did an excellent job. You hit every nail on the head.

    I keep telling myself that there have got to be a silver lining somewhere up there in that damn sky!

    nikki said...

    wtf can't i just kill this heffa? no really, why can't i?

    wtf are there so many horny folk online? i mean, SOMEBODY gotta be hooking up SOMEWHERE. or maybe we're all horny cuz we spend too much time online. LOL

    A woman on the move said...

    @brilld- No words for the chicken noodle mess. There’s just NO excuse.LOL
    TV is the worst these days, but funny how I can’t seem to live without it.

    I may be too picky. But should I really have to settle? I gotta aim for the stars, LOL

    @t.c.- Can I get a witness? LOL

    @JoJo- This post is for you!!!
    Yes, there is light at the end of our tunnels. I must be on the verge of some greatness, with all of the foolishness I am experiencing these days.

    @nikki- You can’t kill her because you don’t want to be in jail, LOL.

    As far as hooking up, this girl tries to stay indoors (out of trouble) keeps the weirdoes from harassing me, LOL.
    I’m going to bust one soon….LOL

    Tired of being broke said...

    Why the f*** am I being penalized tax wise for not having any dependents?

    Am totally feeling you on this one it is rediculous.

    President Bush is retarded, stupid and ignorant.

    The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

    Dam, i thought i was the only person who hated that 'chicken noodle' dance it so freaking annoying.

    The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

    why DA FUCK does the chicken noddle dance comes with a soda on the side? Like who da hell eats chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side?Like WTF?

    A woman on the move said...

    @pussy- LOL about the soda, I forgot about that part. I havent really heard the song all the way through.

    Why the f*** is there a bomob siren playing in the background of the song?

    Single Ma said...

    OMG! That is so fvckin funny! The Google search took me over the top.

    Why the f*** I'm just finding your blog!

    So sorry you're going thru it sis. As for the money issues, just one day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race...or some shyt like that. LOL

    No seriously, it takes discipline but it gets easier when you get used to paying yourself first.

    The Mistress said...

    Oooh Girl. You ask some of the same shit I wanna know! The tax thing was too funny. Seriously, I have two cats. They are my equivalent of dependents...can I deduct their vet expenses and shit...NO! Damn this!

    eclectik said...

    I dont want any parts of the Noodle soup!

    Paying your dues seems to never end...suks ass!

    Love your your school? no.

    What self-respecting Grambling State University graduate would? lol

    Stop by again when you can...if for nothing else good music :)

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    NegroPino™ said...

    My boss said I looked like AUnt Jemimah the other day when i rolled into work wit ha scarf on

    A woman on the move said...

    @single ma- Yes, the Google search was too funny and true.
    I am taking things one day at a time. The important thing is I realize the problem and I working on a solution…

    @Mistress- See I have fish and HE needs food, place to swim, and clean water. LOL
    Not saying it's the same as a child, but damn it- some of my money is going towards Fluffy...

    @eclectik- Grambling, uh? LOL
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Very good reading, I got you saved!!!

    @NegroPino- No Words…WTF?

    shereejoi said...

    Why the f*ck did people even vote for President Bush?
    Why the F*ck am I working just too pay bills and more bills?

    Tired of being broke said...

    I did the google search....LOL LOL LOL

    Now if only they can add a.sshole to that google search.

    Views of Diversified Mind said...

    L.M.A.O.(laughin my ass off) at your crazy ass and everyones comments...especially the google search and the freakin soda on the side of chicken noodle soup; apparently that's how they eat it in N.Y. (LOL)!wow

    Well shit...I don't even know how to start this one cause im rollin so F*%$in hard!

    I can't relate on the taxes cause I do have a dependent, but that is f'ed up...seriously.I don't know why anyone cares to talk about Paris maybe they want her life. I don't know why you can't manage your money, but hey this day in time you got to have at least two jobs; maybe careers just to get ahead in the game to save and invest! Your not too picky; you be as picky as you want to be as long as its realistic. My momma always told me DON'T EVER SETTLE for what or who you are not happy with!

    Who the F%$k knows why its so hard to let someone go that you know you should. I guess because he or she should have been let go long time ago; at the time where you didn't like/love that person and now its "too late" or too deep in the game and its almost impossible...SELF DESTRUCTION! Your boss is all together F*&kin rude and will continue to do it until you check your boss ass in a "nice way"..then your boss won't do it again; but you gotta do it the right way.

    Mr. Comfortable will eventually get it. Just continue to ignore him(sometimes is months until they "get it") if you have told him to get tha F#$K! If he calls you from an anonymous # including blocking his number...cuss..not curse...cuss his ass out and tell him if he doesn't stop you will file a restraining order on his crazy/retarded(slow to catch on and GET IT) Ass and mean it!

    As far as being horny! After that break in from losing your virginity, to being in a relationship with someone you think is putting it on you, to casual sex every once in a while, to being turned completely out by a true will continue to have the urge even if your getting it everyday...hell 2-3 times a day you will until you take it to back in the day and (reject the P*$$y!) as they say on The Brothers...LOL

    As far as the rest...hell I don't know; so the world is being turned upside down since our parents were younger. All we can do is strive to bring ourselves up and bring someone else up too or with you, strive to be the best and do what we can to make the difference we can even if its just a small one, and live to find our purpose.

    Peace, Love, and soul...


    Teej said...

    this is that goodness.....

    of course he is the first thing that comes up when you type in failure on google. he's the epitome of it!

    Chuck said...

    Please allow a fella to say something, ok? Don't get into an uproar over what I type, or my rather insane use of an archaic term.

    I won't go into politics here. I leave that for Candorville and my own blog--although my own hasn't seen too much lately on the "Politics" scene.

    Milady, you ask some of the same questions that I ask. I have never understood the reason for 18,000 pounds of prevention for not an ounce of cure. The "Chickie Babe", or whatever it was--if your boss is calling you that, tell him, simply, that it reeks of sexual harrassment, and you can go over his head to get it to stop. I play my trump cards at work on occassion, and they know I'm not bluffing.

    It's "The Dilbert Boss" all over again, right?

    As for financial pictures--if you ever figure it out, let me know. I can't handle money either, and with gas as high as it is--it just kills my budget (such as it should be, I suppose!)

    Truth be told, I am one who doesn't give a "Flying F***" about apparent origin, nationality, or race. But if someone is going to play the "Race Card", it bugs the hell out of me. I've ALWAYS believed that we are ONE RACE--HUMAN RACE. Perhaps that's a pipe dream to believe today, but I still do.

    It's understandable if you feel slighted, misused, or abused. Taking the bad with the good, or vice versa, is tough. Be PROUD of what you are, what you do. If you can't be proud of what you are and what you do, that's when trouble begins.

    Thanks for the "WTF" Thursday, milady... it certainly made my Sunday. :)

    A final thought: While my sentiments aren't those of everyone, it's because of my's the world...AS I SEE IT.

    A woman on the move said...

    @ Teej- I figured most people would get a kick out of the google thing.

    @Chuck- Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments! Opinions make the world go round.

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