Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 10:00 am Rat Race Central Time…

Good Day!

It’s another glorious Monday morning here at my corporate plantation.
And I’m already looking forward to Friday. Is that a bad thing?
I’d like to think that I and a few hundred thousands of other racers are NOT happy at their current place of employment. Reasons may vary from person to person.

My biggest reasons are:
Not having control of my time.
Working for what seems like quarters.
Working under one of the world’s most incompetent and mentally challenged managers.

I have a few questions for my fellow bloggers.
Is there anyone out there in cyber space who’s 90 to100 percent happy with their current employer?

Is there anyone that actually looks forward to Mondays?

You honestly love what you do and the people you work with?

You have the best team environment, and everyone is just one big happy working family.

Surely someone must enjoy their 9 to 5?


nikki said...

1. despite the bitching about my gig, i actually enjoy the challenges afforded as a result of it. if i made more money doing it i'd love the damn gig. as it is right now, i dig it about 65%.

2. i look forward to mondays cuz fridays are the worst days for me while mondays are the least stressful.

3. i love what i do and i'm cool with most of the folk i work with. my boss needs to grow a damn spine and i think he's finally doing it because he's not allowing the one chick bent on making my working environment hell get away with it as much as he did in the past. this ain't a big happy working family, but for the most part we get along, with the ocassional spats (just like regular fam).

shereejoi said...

Actually I enjoy my 11-5 Iam a pharmacy technician, I work at my own pace, I know what I have to do so I just do it, I have no one breathing down my back.

T.C. said...

I actually dig my job...its new and exciting work for the most supervisor is hella cool and I am learning stuff that I never learned in I will give it about a 75%....if the money were better it would be 85%...that paying your do stuff means really getting jipped with your pay! That and doing flunky work...Its some back bitters here...and I mostly stay to myself...but I have been in way worse situations!

DivineLavender said...

I hate my job! I work with the Kings and Queens of Idiotville, US of A. My supervisor is a dumb ass and eternal (working at same place for 15 plus years). Her supervisor only got her promotion after the previous person died!

I just enjoy my monthly payday and some benefits.

A successful Monday for me is one where I don't cuss out these muthafuckas and get home in the peace and quiet of my place.

Tired of being broke said...

Don't particularly like my job. My boss gets on my nerves but that also depends on what mood am in. For the most part the benefits are ok, I wish I had more control of my time.

Mondays are the worst. It is so bad I always work into work looking like a bum.

Teej said...

You know...on most days I actually do enjoy my job. Save for an irritating guest or two, it's a pretty cool gig. But the I get my check....yeah working for quarters sounds familiar.

Believe it or not I actually do look forward to Mondays. Thats only b/c my off days are Tuesday and Wednesday!

A woman on the move said...

@Nikki- I feel you on your job situation. But I noticed you said 65%, LOL
I’m glad you enjoy what you do, and trust I know it’s not one big happy family. Rule #1 in Corporate America is Divide & Conquer…

@shereejoi- It’s also good you enjoy what you do as well. I envy the fact that you don’t have some idiot micro-managing you. I can’t say I can relate, LOL…

@t.c.-75% isn’t too bad, but I see the pay isn’t really up to par. What’s really the deal with that? Or should we just be happy we have a steady paycheck?

No kidding about the dues and being the flunky. It’s truly the “do as I say, NOT as I do” realty. I thought going to college counted as paying some dues. It sure as hell introduced me to the world of broke…

@Divine- YES!!! There is someone who feels my pain completely. My boss got her position due to default choice as well. Her resume consist of: Diploma, Pet Store, and Warehouse worker. And now she’s moved in the property manager role (it’s been almost 3 years). And it took her about 8 years to get there.
Way to Go, Girl!!!!

@tired- I try to come with a good attitude everyday. But damn it, I swear that lady (the Devil is always testing me).

@teej- I definitely feel like most people are underpaid. LOL about your Mondays, yours doesn’t count…

Sangindiva said...

Well I am my own boss-
and I LOVE MY JOB 500,000%!
I'm the Sangindiva!!

Sometime we do fall out- you know-
me, myself and I ...
but we quickly get over ourselves! hahaha!

But for real I am a singer and love my job.
I travel the world, sing for an hour, get PAID
and meet interesting people. I shop all.the. time.
and since it's apart of my job I write off my hair, nails, clothes and things of that nature.
God is good and I am grateful.

Good Post!

Single Ma said...

I love my job, 95% of the time. It's challenging, interesting, a bit stressful, great benefits and pays well. My boss is growing on me but we have a budding relationship that's off to a good start. I got along very well with my old boss before her. My team is ok. I don't particularly care for the pink folk but we tolerate each other. Anyone who can deal with my flaky attitude is cool people.

For the record, even with all the lovey dovey shyt above, I still HATE mondays!!

Black Girl Interrupted said...

Hey Woman!
IMO I will never be compeletely happy with my work situation until I begin to work for myself. I just started a new gig, and so far so good. It pays better and my new coworkers are cool, but as in any workplace there is drama and bullshit. I rate it at 70-75%, because my supervisor seems to genuinely care about me succeeding.
Even though I like my new job for the most part I still don't look forward to getting up on Monday morning and working for someone else's profit and dealing with people I would never otherwise fraternize with. But at the same time there are certain people who are cool, so I enjoy working with them.

Damon Z said...

I love my new job but then again, it's only been a day. Did you like yours as well?

beautyinbaltimore said...

Not me, thata for sure.

Anonymous said...

I love what I do and its great being your own boss.
It sounds like you’re just adjusting to starting out. No worries it gets better, you seem like a woman with a plan. Being a worker bee forever isn’t one of them.

Not trying to be rude but who is SanginDiva? While I am always glad to see one achieving their goals/dreams. Since she listed her small yet obvious brag list, isn’t notoriety a part of being a successful singer?

Or am I the only one who hasn’t heard any real buzz about this singer? I could be out of the loop. I am a computer geek. I just looked up soundscan and billboard- No Sangin Diva…

A woman on the move said...

@sangindiva- Glad things are working out for you! What name do you go by? Do you have an album out?
Good blessings with your singing career!!!

@singlema-There’s a woman who’s satisfied. I’m impress 95%!!!
Love the pink folk comment…

@Black- Going into business for yourself is the best bet, for those who are cut out for the task. Congrats on your new job!

@Damon Z- LOL, yeah I want a follow up 90 days from now. I actually like my job, I love what I do. I just can’t stand the woman I work under. She’s been a hater from day one. I’m sorry I went to school and got a degree. I’m sorry you’re an old sea hag with NO family. (Okay I had to catch myself, LOL)

@Beauty- LOL!!!!!!!!!!

@Anonymous- I love to hear from entrepreneurs keeps me motivated.
I can’t answer your questions about singinDiva; your best bet would be to peep her blog. I’m not familiar with her work personally.

MzNewAgenda said...

Is there anyone out there in cyber space who’s 90 to100 percent happy with their current employer?
I am 90% happy with my current employer. I love the pay and the hours plus the folks I work with.

Is there anyone that actually looks forward to Mondays? I do. I love what I do and look forward to the challenges for the week.

You honestly love what you do and the people you work with?
Yes. Something different everyday (IT Forensics) and I love the folks I work with.

You have the best team environment, and everyone is just one big happy working family.
Yes...lots of teamwork to get our jobs done. (I work in legal and no one person can do it all)

Surely someone must enjoy their 9 to 5? That would be me *grinning and waving*

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