Tuesday, August 15, 2006

4:20pm Rat Race Central Time..

Today was pretty uneventful, went to work and going to get my hair done once I leave the corporate slave ship. I am writing this brief post because something amusing just happened to me while I am at work. So I am sitting at my desk and my boss stops by and asked me “Hey, what happened to all of your pictures you use to have framed?” Not sure why she is asking me this now since I moved them roughly three or four weeks ago.

In my mind the real response to her question:

Devil: “Hey, what happened to your pictures you use to have framed?”

Me: “I took my photos home because I am looking for a better job, I didn’t want to remain comfortable here by personalizing my work space.

In realty the conversation went like this:

Devil: “Hey, what happened to your pictures you use to have framed?”

Me: “Oh I bought this special frame for my home and I wanted to add my family photos to that frame.”


Single Ma said...

LMAO!! I thought I was the only one who did that! De-scope and De-personalize.

Daggone shame it took her 3-4 weeks to notice though. *smh*

DivineLavender said...

Funny how we can have two conversations goin on in our heads and know which one to repeat out-loud. Gottz to do what you gottz to do!

The Mistress said...

Hahaha...good cover!

A woman on the move said...

@ Single Ma- She lives in her own world, a bit self invloved. I wish I could get a picture of this woman. I couldn't began to describe her appearance. A mess indeed!!!

@Divine-At this job, I always have two different versions of what happens here, LOL.

@Mistress- Your girl is always quick on her feet around here.. HAHA

bigdaddykane said...

she's just now noticing the pictures being moved? after all this time?

nikki said...


i never thought about depersonalizing a space. i'm gonna have to do that. maybe it'll motivate me to bounce up outta there. thanks for the idea.

Black Girl Interrupted said...

Lol @ you depersonalizing your space. I usually don't put up any personal items at a until after three months or so. And when I know for a fact I'm leaving, I start taking stuff home too. Hey, you never know, you may never go back.

A woman on the move said...

@bigdaddykane- Can you believe that? Again, she can’t see past her own world.

@Nikki- Exactly, that’s most people down fall. You get all comfortable putting up your s*** at your little workspace. And a month later you find a pink slip explaining the company downsizing on your desk.

@ Black Girl- That’s my point, LOL!! I’m slowly taking stuff down. Removing files from my computer. LOL

T.C. said...

And that's exactly why I won't personalize my space period...I have a total of 3 picutres taped up...easily to be taken down...you never know when its going to be your time to go!

Tired of being broke said...

I have never personalized my workspace at all. I guess am waiting until I get a job I really like.

A woman on the move said...

I'm feeling a follow up to this post just to reinforce why you shouldn’t get comfortable at any job.

Take your pictures down folks, LOL…

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