Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WWAP (Women with a purpose) HALL OF FAME..

College Educated Gold Digger

Disillusioned Gold Digger

Retarded Gold Digger

It’s hard remaining a real and sincere woman in this world of dating and courting, especially when so many of my female counterparts are full of shit and expect men to pay their way. So many women have taken the time to mastermind plans and techniques to catch a man with deep pockets and clout. You have people reading and studying books like “The 48 laws of Power” and “The Art of Seduction”. I will admit and say I own both books, but I didn’t actually sit and highlight key points or even worst attempt to try out what I read.

As women we say we want the world to treat us with respect and dignity, yet we never uphold the same standards in our own daily activities. What woman wouldn’t love to hold the attention of a great, attractive, intelligent, and successful eligible bachelor? But if I am not personally bringing anything remotely close to the table, how can I require such high standards? And that’s what separates a woman from a gold digger/whore/rat. How do we expect society and men to take us seriously when we continue to sell ourselves short by taking the fast lane through life looking for a few good sponsors?

While I can’t knock any female’s hustle. I figure with all of plotting for a good location, a good candidate, getting his attention, and rapping your game; would it not be more beneficial and productive to spend that extra time getting your shit straight or making sure you’re up to par? While surfing the net there were a few sites that caught my attention mainly due to the content. The majority of the subject matters were how to catch a baller or how to get a man’s dough. I guess it’s too much for us to go out and get our own shit, why not recruit a sucker who will pay the way for my happiness. Never mind the fact, that I am degrading myself, will always owe him something, have no real sense of purpose in life, no self respect, and no real authority. Why give a fuck when I’m rocking the hottest fashions, driving the latest whips, my bills are paid, receiving the best gifts, and taking the best and exclusive vacations? In honor of the females with the gold digging mentally, I have decided to post my WWP (Women with a Purpose) Hall of fame. I salute you for your courage to reach for the stars and dig on any man more than willing to entertain your efforts. I’m sure you’re parents are proud!

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