Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence "from my 9 to 5" Day

So today is Fourth of July and I have the day off. Of course I had to work on Monday, but that's just the draw back for working in the private sector. I have never really gotten into the whole 4th of July celebration. I always looked at it as a time to get together with the family and eat good food. I didn't make any major plans for the day especially since I didn't fly home for the holiday. But I did want to take the time to acknowledge the day; a day of freedom from not having to deal with my incompetent boss, or having to wake up at 6:40 am, or drink a big cup of coffee or a can of Monster just to wake the hell up, and of course have to sit and pretend I care about my job for 8 hours.

Yes, today is the day we celebrate our freedom. But are we really free? Well for this one day, we get drunk, eat big, be with loved ones, watch the fireworks, or do absolutely nothing. Enjoy your 24 hours of freedom! For tomorrow the shackles will be placed back on and you'lll have to report back to duty. Let freedom ring!

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