Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Art of Dating & Business (The Tools)

I must say I enjoyed writing my last entry. The feedback was positive and informative. A few people left me emails in response, but I want my readers to feel comfortable posting comments on blog. I am always open for discussion and I by no means believe I have the answers to everything. Life is about choices, perspectives, and opinions and I feel everyone is entitled to their own.

I want to continue with the The Art of Dating & Business theme. I believe I am embarking on an exciting personal break through. A resume to most people is a pretty important document. It is essentially your calling card and represents who you are professionally. Resumes are used to highlight our most prized accomplishments and experiences. Usually it is the first thing a potential employer will ask to look over before requesting an interview. We spend a great deal of time revising and perfecting this piece of paper, so we can appear more appealing and ideal. Applying that same practice to dating, what would your personal resume consist of? I have an example of my resumeto give you an idea.

Now I am not suggesting you start carrying a portfolio around and hand out your personal resume to every man or woman you meet. I am suggesting you draft one just to give yourself a better way of articulating who you are. Surprisingly a lot of people get stuck when asked on the spot about their personal traits and characteristics. But if you take the time to make sure your professional persona is in tack, why not perfect the subject of YOU?

Is it out of the question to carry your personal business cards? We are in a world consisting of rapid technology, you constantly see people synching blackberries, entering new numbers in their cell phones. Would it look odd to actually hand someone of interest your personal card. Not the business card with your company info. But one with your preferred method of communication and whatever else you feel is relevant. I figure it may look better to hand someone a card rather than digging in my purse for a scrap piece of paper and pen. Having personal cards should be part of the checklist when actively dating. If you are single and looking to meet new people why not give an original and lasting impression by handing out your calling card?

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