Friday, July 14, 2006

The Art of Dating & Business (The Interview/Date)

Now that I am properly prepared to meet new people. What about the actual meet and greet (date)? This is usually the casual ice breaking encounter. Everyone’s on their p’s and q’s, and making sure we’re saying the right thing. But I believe the following questions will give me the opportunity to cut right to the core of my date. I decided to use the same questions from the Women for Hire book, and add my own twist to the questions.I value my time more than anything else and I would like to know immediately if this person is worth my efforts. The art of dating & business isn’t about playing games. In fact, once you get the answers to these questions it should weed out the bullshitters immediately. Life’s about fun and living it to the fullest. Since I am now actively dating why not get creative with my approach and techniques.

Would you be able to tell me why this position is currently available?

Can tell me why you are single?

What is your background and how did you get your job with this company? Remember, people often like talking about themselves, or at least being asked!

Can you tell me more about your background?

I understand the primary responsibilities of the position at this point. What would be some of the secondary duties or things that may only occur once a quarter or twice a year?

I understand your primary objectives when it comes to your love life and relationships. Is there any chance of you changing your mind within the near future?

What would you add or subtract to the background of the individual who held this position before?

What would you add or subtract to the qualities of the person from your previous relationship?

What are some of the immediate challenges facing the department in the next 90 days? What role will this position play in tackling those challenges?

Are there any personal challenges/ issues you will be facing within the next 90 days? If any, what role will I personally play in those challenges?

What are the company's (or this division's) growth plans?

What are your goals and future plans?

What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Where would you like things to go from here?

The job interview questions where taken from Women For Hire

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