Sunday, June 11, 2006


That is the only response I could give to this alarming post I read on a website I often frequent in order to continue my research on understanding the mind of women. Well today wasn̢۪t any surprise to the topics of discussion which the level of depth consists of: where do athletes hang out, the latest fashion trends, and celebrities. I was taking back by what I read, so I had to cut and paste her exact words onto my blog. I did not make any of this up and I didn't make any changes.

Trapping my ex...

okay, i know i'm gonna catch hell for this, but i'm thinking about trapping my ex. i.e.,getting preggers on purpose. I live in a big city but the selection of my type of man is scarce.He has everything i want in a man, and he and i have just now "gotten back",after 5 months apart,no we are not together but i am pushing for it. I am 22 and still in school,about 2 years left, and i work part time. He is older than me by about 10 years. He has a nice car excellent job, and takes care of his daughter. I have always wanted to have a baby for him, and I feel like I need to beat the next bitch to the punch

Ladies pleease understand my desperation, all the men where i am from are suspected down lows,broke,ugly,short,dogs etc. he is the first man to ever treat me decent, and he is fine,a big d###,and good hair, and he is the personality type to match me.

IN 2 years, he has alllllllways hit me raw,and we have discussed moving in together if i got preggers, it wasnt a serious conversation though.He is such a good daddy to his little girl. He makes me want to be a mommy so bad

even though i'm only 22 , i have dated a looot of men,and all diffretnt types since i was 15, i have been in the dating game hard,i've dated cops,hustlas,lawyers,conctruction workers, 40 yr old,60 yr old, 30 yr old,married men,firefighters,cats in real estate, a former nfl player, college students,aspiring rappers, mix tapedj's etc., if i go to any club in my city, i'll run into a cat i used to date, i'm well known with the men in my area(just a serial dater,not a ho,my ex is only my 2nd partner) aint nothing poppin where i'm from, been there done that, ready to be wifed up ancd be a mommy. i'm just being honest,and plenty females have been,and are on the same page as me

Him and his fiance broke up four months before we met, so i know he has no problem settling down. i have never loved someone as hard as i luv this man,and he asked me about moving in 2gether 3 months after we met

My urgency is just that I know he likes to raw, what if some money hungry chick see's his whip,his d###,his house job,and hair, and gets preggers,and he wifes her. It has happened to me before. I was with him when he we on,fell of,and then got back on. I used to pay for ish sometimes,i love that man for him not what he has. I just wanna keep him around, and our kids will be sooo cute he has good hair,its long and wavy and he keeps it braided up

I am just ready to settle down with him,i just really dont see any other options. Yes I am talking to other people that are attractive,but they are not him. He is defintely not a "homo thug", its not his fault that he has good hair. No i am not an attention whore, I am at work and bored,had some thoughts on my mind. Basically, I am ovulating this weekend and he is coming over tonight, so I'm trying to decide what to do. I'm thinking if i get preggers now I can kick it the rest of the summer and not be showing,and have the baby by march,so i can kick it next summer. i can be pregnant in the winter,which is the best time, because who goes out in the cold.

So someone comes on the board and is honest, and yall give out red points. I'm just being real, its plenty of fermales out there in my same mindset,i'm just speaking on it. I can bet money that more than a few women on this board have had a baby to trap a balla, or keep their man man around, dont bs yourself.

I am in school to be an LPN,then I will bridge over to RN. I plan to work and go to school,women do it all the time (got friends that do it)I'm a full time hustla,i'll sleep when i'm dead.If he leaves,then he can run me that 20% child support ya dig ?

Okay,yall Keep Asking About My Father. Our Relationship Has Always Been Rocky.we Have Our On And Off Times.its Better Now,but When I Was In Highschool,it Was So Bad That I Went To Live With My Grandmother.i'm Not Crying About It Though,because I Know People Whos Pops Was Raping Them And Beating Their Ass Everyday.Naw,mines Just Stabbed Me W/ A Fork,threw Stuff At Me,hit Me A Couple Times,told Me I Wasnt Gonna Graduate Highschool And Be On Welfare. But We Are Pretty Close Now Though.i Can Admit That I Like Older Men Because I'm Looking For Love Abnd Stability From An Older Man. And I Do Have Fears Of Abandonement ,but A Lot Of Women Have That,mines Just May Be A Litttle More Extreme Since My Father Would Cool As Hell One Day,and Then Dog Me Out The Next.

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