Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Joy of being in the Rat Race...

It's another one of those days. I woke up cussing and fussing, I swear it should be illegal to force people to wake up at the crack of dawn and report to a place called work. I woke up a little annoyed today not only because I had to wake up, but I am so frustrated with my current state of life (well the working portion). I enjoy my job ( I really do), but I work under a temperamental woman who's so hot and cold, I no longer feel like dealing with her bullshit. I hate having to report somewhere everyday from 8-5, I hate only having an hour lunch break, and I hate working under people with less than moderate managerial skills.

On days when I am overwhelmed with the desire to just say Fuck it, I normally call my best friend (who feels the same way if not worst about her job) to build up our morale and encourage positive thinking on our parts. I guess it's naive on our part to think people should hold jobs that compliment their talents and interest instead of working to solely pay your bills. Of course we are grateful we have jobs to begin with, but that doesn't mean this is our final destination and this is all life has to offer us.

To work or NOT to work at a bullshit job is the question. Too bad I have a mortgage and monthly expenses to worry about or should I look at that as a reason to be content with my current way of earning a living. I mean, we all love waking up early in the morning, commuting through traffic, staring outside of our office buildings at another pretty day that will pass us by because we are too tired to enjoy it once we get off, or how about the token 3 to 5 hours of personal time you get once you do get off work (and assuming you don't have a family waiting on your arrival). Yes, this is what life is all about. Donating 40 plus hours to someone else's bottom line and eagerly anticipating the weekend the only 48 hours you get to yourself (assuming you don't work on the weekend). I say it's all a bunch of bullshit...

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