Saturday, June 10, 2006

Woman Gone Crazy on Aisle 7

Going to the grocery store on a weekly basis is now something I have become accustomed to since being out on my own. I normally start my shopping list a few days prior to when I actually make the trip so I am not scrabbling last minute figuring out what I need. Well on this particular day, I was doing my usual grocery shopping when I got this overwhelming sensation while debating over a box of macaroni and cheese purchase. As I picked up the box I started to have a minor panic attack over what all I will need to make along with the mac and cheese.

I have never experienced this small anxiety attack (or any for that manner) in public before. The idea of cooking and worrying about what food I wanted to prepare during the week just seemed like too much this particular day. I had to immediately call my good friend to tell her about the incident. I would not consider myself the domestic type. My cooking skills are very beginner, and I figure since it's only me, why do I need to take the time to prepare home cooked meals everyday. To me, cooking isn't a skill I rank high on my list to learn how to do. As a single, child-free woman, who's always on the go; cooking just seems to be more of an effort than necessary right now for me.

Since my little episode in the store, I have comfortably been able to buy my usual household items. But I find it hilarious that the idea of cooking drove me crazy. LOL! A personal chief is definitely something on my wish list...

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