Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mr. Telephone Man, Can you please suspend my ex baby's line?

My old relationship umbilical cord has finally been cut. I have just released the excess baggage from my first heart felt relationship. I called Verizon and finally asked the kind representative to suspend my ex boyfriend's cell phone service. I initially placed him on my plan because we were in a loving relationship and that's what you do for your boo. I was just graduating from Southern and moving to Dallas. He was my man and we thought our love would withstand the long distance.

We remained together a little more than a year after my move. I then grew apart from him and our differences finally set in. I walked away from a man who LOVED me more than any MAN I'd ever known. I walked away because I still had a void within me despite all of the love he was willing to give. I choose business/career focus and self development over a meaningful relationship. And here I am a single, frustrated, hustle & bustle, goal-oriented (new homeowner) woman with no main guy of substance in my life a year and a half post-breakup.

As sad as that is to admit, it also brings a smile to my face. One thing I Iearned from this experience is your happiness means everything. How could I make any man happy if I am not comfortable with our situation internally? Staying in that relationship meant disowning the person I am. We came from two different walks of life and a part of who I am has a lot to due with my upbringing. I expect and demand the best that life has to offer. I don't believe in contentment and there's no such thing as a dream too big. And that my friend, is why I couldn't remain in that relationship.

Even after we broke up I still remained cool with him. It wasn't at all a bitter or hostel ending. But I definitely grew a cold shoulder quickly, but I still kept his phone line on. And now here I am one year and some change later, and I'm just getting rid of his line. I now feel I have complete closure to our relationship...

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