Friday, June 09, 2006

Generation-Ass Backwards...

What is it about my generation? We seem to have forgotten all of the sacrifices the previous generations made on our behalf to live a better life in this country. Or should I say we act like we didn't grow up in the most technically advanced, socially integrated, and progressive society our country has ever seen. Thanks to our forefathers we have the luxury of attending any school in the country; we can patronize any establishment of our choosing, we can date whomever we choose, and have the freedom to be whatever we want to be.

So why are we so self-centered, lazy, and always looking for the short cut route through life. We would rather look good (Bling Bling), drive the latest whips, hottest fashion, have the latest electronic goods, and NOT own any assets. We live out our wildest dreams through MTV and BET. We have NO social stand on any political issues. We would rather watch the lives of Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Lindsey Lohan than get up and live our own lives. I do not exclude myself from being in this category. I am guilty of the same pleasures. But I now have to sacrifice my short term needs and get my personal finances in order. It makes no sense to possess the things I mentioned previously if your net worth and credit are as good as dog shit.

There comes a time when we have to be adults. And being an adult means paying rent/mortgage, paying bills, not living at home, gainfully employed, and 100 percent self sufficient. More recently, baby boomers are experiencing the boomerang effect with their children. We may leave to attend college but we end up right back at home (then there are those who never leave the nest in the first place).

This situation effects so many parents these days, I am sure they are wondering when they will ever get a chance to peacefully enjoy their golden years. Recently, I have grown a little frustrated with my younger brother. He's 22 years old and hasn't had a real job and doesn't have any real intentions on getting one. My parents have enabled him to believe he can live through life winging it or someone will always be there to pay his way. My main problem is as he continues to grow older with no job skills/experience, and limited education; he will never get an opportunity to live up to his true potential.

It's not only my brother I have many friends (associates) whom haven't really conformed into the real world. They still live at home while in their mid and late 20's, some are not employed, and some are in school. Again, I am not judging anyone, but I am concern for our parents, it's not fair for us to take their unconditional love for granted. Many of these friends live in Los Angeles; and I understand real estate isn't cheap, not even to live in a modest apartment. But that isn't an excuse to mooch on your parents well into your 30's. It's that very reason why I chose to relocate to Dallas. So I can be on my own and be financially stable. Some times you have to leave your comfort zone in order to flex your wings and fly. Why live in L.A., if you aren't doing anything worth while (job wise), and still live at home with your parents? Regardless of how old you become you will always have to answer to the people whose name is on the deed...

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