Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Fab Day at Work...

So today I brought my new pet fish to the office. This was a way for me to bond with my boss. Since she is one of those pet lovers and seemed eager to help me clean my fish bowl, I took her up on her offer. I will admit he (my fish) appears to enjoy his newly cleaned home. I bought a fish because I slowly wanted to teach myself how to be responsible for another life form. And since dogs, cats, etc. are too much like children; I figure a fish is the perfect pet for a person like me. I've only had fluffy for fours days and if he makes it to the 30 days mark that will truly be a blessing.

In other news, our copier in our office has been acting up for the past two weeks particularly when we are doing mass copying. So the service guy comes in to look at our machine yesterday and I prefer this service guy. He's pretty knowledgeable and very courteous. He explained to me that the reason we are experiencing copying issues is due to the workroom's humidity level being a little high. Therefore the papers in the copier trays are getting moist which causes the papers to jam and specifically when we are making a large amount of copies. This morning my boss in her usual battle with the machine had difficulty making copies yet again. I was busy working on something, but I could hear her frustration, LOL. It's almost like a young child who can't get the cookie jar open, but really wants some cookies. So after her brief temper tantrum with the copier she comes up to me and asks me if the service guy came by. I told her yes, and explained what he told me. She then asks me to call the office and have them come back out. I made the phone call and requested the same guy because he knows what he's doing.

The tech guy calls in and I explain to him that I will need him to come and explain everything he told me to my boss. He asked if he could talk with her over the phone and I transferred him through. I am not sure what all happened during their phone conversation. But the next thing I knew she was asking for his supervisor's name and had an attitude. For starters, when I first put the call through she already had her tone in her voice. I understand you may be frustrated, but there is always a better way of dealing with the rep. Especially if you are in need of their service and expertise it helps if you didn't get funky with the person right off the bat.

So after their minor altercation, she storms up to my area and asks for the office number and calls the guy an asshole. She then goes back to her office and calls the company bitching. I was totally surprised at how that entire situation went down. He seemed very cool to me. The service guy and I even spoke about how a lot of the people in the offices he visits are mainly rude and the higher their position the lower they rank the service guy. In more recent days, I have made a special effort to always treat everyone the same way I want to be treated regardless of what they do for a living.

On another note, I had a rather interesting chat with our building's security guard. I normally don't engage in such activity with this particular guy because he's a know- it- all type. He's middle aged, was born somewhere in Africa and grew up in London (not sure how he got to the states). I mention this because of course he believes he's Mr. International. He lives with his sister (and they have a rather strange relationship). If one didn't know better you would think it
was his wife he was talking to when he sometimes calls home from our office. I have heard him call her baby and sweetie (just a tad weird for siblings). I never try to have any type of concrete conversation with him because no matter what I say his view/opinion is the only one that matters.

Well today he noticed fluffy at my desk and I informed him about my new pet purchase. I also explain why I got a fish and not any other type of animal. He brings up dogs, and how loyal they are. I again tell him dogs (in my opinion) are too much like kids. He goes on to say that dogs are better than children. To him, children don't love you unconditionally, they are not loyal, and don't provide good companionship like a dog. Of course I am looking at him like he's retarded. I am not big on kids right now, but I would never compare a human being to an animal.
I then tell him all of those traits he looks for within a dog are the same traits I would love to have with my significant other, LOL. I then change the topic; I mean what else is there to possibly say to this man...

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