Monday, June 05, 2006

I Just Had to Answer My Door...

Yesterday my friend and I hung out at my place. She was working on an art piece I asked her to create for my living room. Well my friend and I were enjoying our day and minding our business when my nosy neighbor decides she wants to knock on my door. I greeted her and thought that would be it, the next thing I knew she had barged her way into my home and even takes a seat on my couch. She then goes on to inspect my new paint job in my dining room and proceeds to engage in a conversation with me as if I invited her in.

She tells me that she noticed my car outside and figured I wasn't doing anything and wanted to invite me to accompany her to this store. First off, if I choose to sit in my house all day; that is totally my prerogative. Secondly, why the hell would I want to go with you anywhere? She's somewhere in her 60's, single & a lonely white woman, who has children (but I believe they ignore her often), and has taken it upon herself to nominate me as her little buddy.

She notices my friend's art piece and I told her she was an artist and showed her my friend's portfolio she happened to have with her. As she looks at the pieces; she makes a comment about how she knew a woman from Zimbabwe who was also an artist. I guess she figures all of us black folks know each other regardless of what country they are from. I guess this was her way of relating. Needless, to say I found the whole encounter rather bizarre. I am now going to have to give her the cold shoulder a little bit. She's way too comfortable with me...

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