Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Great MBA Debate...

So today I have made up my mind and decided I will press forward and continue on with obtaining higher education. In some of my past posts I have mentioned my views on graduate school and I will first say I have never once been against grad-school. What I don't like is when people resort to staying in school because they don't want to deal with or conform into the real world. There's nothing wrong with wanting to further your education because you have genuinely found a specific area of interest and would like to excel in that field. I also appreciate the fact that most MBA programs will not allow students admittance without having at least two years working experience. I believe the rational behind this is quite simple; you can't possibly understand the dynamics of a particular program or know if you're cut out to succeed in a particular field unless you have real life working experience. Grad school is a huge monetary investment and shouldn't be taken lightly.

It has been a long term goal of mine to get an MBA once I decided to major in Business in undergrad. If you asked me my opinions on grad school exactly three years ago; I would tell you that I would like for whatever company I was working for to sponsor my MBA pursuit. This is the rule I continued to go by until more recent times. In today's society you have huge corporations constantly announcing massive job-cuts and lay offs. I am just praying my company doesn't go belly up or some greedy person(s) in upper management doesn't decide to put all the company's revenue in some foreign bank accounts.

I am also not looking for Xyz Company to pay me an additional $20-40k because of my new credentials. I am pursuing this goal now because I want to excel in business to my fullest potential as a successful entrepreneur. I have the heart, passion, gift, and talent to become a business mogul but in my opinion I need a solid educational foundation to enable me to go to the next level. I spoke to a few friends and my mother in regards to my new endeavors and they all believe the debt I will incur is a bit steep. When everything is all said and done I will owe a grand total of $80k for a two-year program. I have chosen to go to a private school that is the best in my local region. I am not about to relocate and attend one of the top schools in the nation because Newsweeks says so.

Besides I am going to school not to look good for anyone else other than ME. I am only in the beginning stages of this goal. I am in the process of preparing for the GMAT. If someone was to offer me an $80,000 check (to be used in only two ways) a: to start your own business (knowing what you know right now) or b: go to grad school; I would take the money and go to school. Sure, I would love to start my own business now, but there are a few basic skills I want to polish before I step out on my own. Life is all about one's own decisions; it's a wonderful privilege we all are blessed to have. I am choosing to go get my MBA now because I am ready to propel to the next level and I am not too proud to say I have so much more to learn. I would rather collect more debt (which I consider an investment) and excel in a field I was born to be in; rather than go to school because I don't know what the hell else to do with myself...

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j.a.c. said...

i have to say that i love your blog. you speak many of the issues that i am going through as a young woman, particularly this MBA debate. i too have always seen a degree in business administration as an ultimate goal. ever since i knew that i was interested in business, i knew i would pursue that higher degree. however, recently i've been going back and forth between the 'do i really NEED this extra degree', 'will i REALLY become an entrepreneur' stage of thinking and the 'i need the foundation and skills that pursuing a MBA can offer', 'i will definitely be my own employer', 'this has ALWAYS been what my dream' stage of thinking. Right now, i'm pro MBA and to be honest, i really don't know what's stopping me. i already took the gmat (although i would like to take it again) and i have a job that will pay for 100% of my education. the only problem is that i hate my job and i'm ready to leave CA. i can't see myself staying here for another 3 years while i complete the part-time MBA program. i'm also a very spiritual person, so i'm afraid of losing all my focus to school and putting God on the back burner.

but thank you for this post. it's good to know that there are others out here who feel the same way i do.

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