Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today's Topic at Work...

Today was an uneventful day. I went to work today (I was out ill yesterday, and I needed some me time) and my boss was out of the office. So that means the cruise ship sailed pretty smoothly. My co-workers and I were at ease, enjoying causal conversations, and making sure the building was running okay. During one particular conversation the topic was men & women (something we always seems to talk about). One of my co-workers goes on to say that I am an intelligent, attractive, and hardworking positive female but there's a reason why I am single. Of course at this point I am intrigued by his analysis of my dating situation, and ask why (in your opinion) am I single? He made the comment that I am a hard woman to please and my standards are a little high.

At that point my eyes were wide open and I didn't have a quick response for his assumption. Is that really the case? I'll admit I am particular about the man I would want to call my man. A this point in my life, I have had enough of dealing with just anyone for a quick roll in the hay, or a free meal. But if a man (potential boyfriend/husband) is something I am looking for, shouldnâ't there be a few qualifications to ensure the role is properly filled? In his opinion as long as a man is willing to show me a good time and spend a little change on me that should be enough.

What I have realized is as a woman we do tend to have higher standards than a guy. We're looking for a man more on the long term tip, whereas men will settle/tolerate whomever for a short term thrill. I am no longer in high school and it's not about how many men I can have in one semester or year. So my question is, should I just be content with a man who has a pulse, brain, nice penis, cool car, and his own spot and pretend I hit the lottery? Or do I patiently wait for the "one to come along". Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being entertained by men who are always only temporary. But other than a few meals, sex, and some laughs what else is there when you settle?

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