Monday, June 19, 2006

Can't Hurry Love...

One thing I have noticed in my dating/relationship adventures during my adulthood years is Men and Women alike play many games. Sure women are guilty of acting irrational at times or perhaps not using our better judgment when it comes to men. But men are just as emotionally unstable and immature as women. As, I reflect on my life right now and becoming accustomed to being single and independent; I have also made mental notes of a few friends I know who are in relationships or even married.

Is any relationship better than NO relationship? I know people are not 100 percent satisfied in their relationship, yet they're still together. Of course there are many reasons you find people in dysfunctional situations. From children, self perceived obligation, contentment, afraid of being alone, seniority (you've been involved with this person for a long time), or you just feel this is the deck of cards that life as to offer. So what is the test of a good relationship? Perhaps, it's as simple as the way you look at life. Are you always happy, do you feel this person compliments and completes you? Maybe the relationship makes you angry, hostile, and bitter. I believe all of those are good indications of being involved in a healthy relationship.

I sat and thought about all the people I know who are in healthy and solid relationships. I decided to focus more on people close to my age, only because times and people's mentalities have changed dramatically. I can only count on one hand and with a few fingers who has the ideal relationship. Most of the people I know who are involved have too much drama. I am often grateful to be single (LOL). Why is it hard for people to admit when a relationship is going bad? I have some friends who participate in extracurricular activities (i.e. cheat). What I don't understand is why remain with that person if you feel you're missing something? To blame this dating game on one particular gender isn't fair. We all play an active role in the game playing. Perhaps if we are honest with ourselves and find out what is it we want, we could be a better mate to our partner. How can you honestly articulate the truth when you're not true to you?

I find for me being single is best, because I am still coming into my own. I change about as often as the days of the year. I am still self- absorbed (and that's fine as long as I am not dealing with another person on an intimate level). Sure I am always screening applications for the job of being my better half, but I can not just deal with a person just to say I have a boyfriend of husband. So what is the big rush to the alter or the delivery room?

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