Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To New Memories...

Am I living in the past? Often when I am feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about some temporary setback in my life; I drift off into my "good old days" memories. Not necessarily as far back as my childhood but particularly my undergrad years. Perhaps it's because I was legally an adult, but expected to be an irresponsible college student. During my college days life didn't seem so complicated. I went on cool trips, partied hard, had great friends, and learned from some great professors. But now I am at point where I am wondering what happens next? What fun carefree memories am I producing now? Once you've entered "adult world", it seems like all of the fun must come to an end. You are now expected to earn a decent living, pay bills, and start a family.

Most people who have conformed into this way of living believe fun is for the young, naive, and immature. At this point, I find myself working hard (earning a living) just to provided the basic necessities I require. Yet when I was a broke college student and my only source of income was whatever my parents put into my account on a monthly basis; I still managed to have the time of my life. Now it seems I never have the time or money to spontaneously take those trips that seemed so easy when I was in college. I am now obligated to be somewhere Monday through Friday or else I don't eat. And after dealing with the corporate bullshit all week, it takes at least 48 hours just for me to detox from the previous annoying and redundant work week.

I make more money now yet I find myself still wanting for more (financially). I don't necessarily look at this as a bad thing. I don't feel any company will ever truly pay me what I feel I am worth. I also never really understood the magnitude of reoccurring bills (especially when I never had to pay for anything previously). It seems like you owe someone all the time. I am wondering when the day will come when we'll have to pay monthly on our oxygen intake. I don't want to work and allow my bills to consume my life. Life is about balance. What is the fun in having a good job and making money if you can't take the time to enjoy life and create new memories? We get so involved in our day to day routine; that we forget about the fun life has to offer.

Now is a better time than any for me to live up every moment. I have no kids and answer to no one. So when did life stop being so much fun? And who says I can't have fun and live out my wildest dreams? You only live through your 20's once, and I feel now is a better time than any to do the unexpected, takes trips with friends, party all night, and just have fun...

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