Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back In The Days, When I Was Young...


Not sure how this came into mind but I was thinking of a particular night in L.A. I was maybe 20 years old when a girlfriend and I decided to hit the sunset strip (A usual past time, on the weekends). This particular night we were leaving from a club and walking back to my car, when we noticed this navy blue Bentley roll by with two guys in the car. Of course my friend and I made every attempt to be noticed. They turned around and pulled up along side of us. The next thing I knew we were sitting in the backseat of their car and rolling down sunset once again.

In hind sight, I am sitting here wondering what the hell we were thinking. Number one, we were extremely lucky that we didn't end up on the morning news. But it was all harmless fun, we just wanted to ride and be seen in the nice, shiny, and expensive car. My friend and I had a bad habit of hopping into people's cars we had just met on the spot. Back in those days, it was that simple. If you had a nice car (and even then I had my ideas of what a nice car was) and looked okay; we could talk.

During this era I also recalled a particular ordinary Friday evening. I was actually going to chill at home that night, and I decided to go to Taco Bell (which was less than 5 minutes from my parent's house). I decided to walk in and I was just about to return to my car with food in hand; when this guy approached me. He said he was new in town and wanted to know what was crackin' in L.A. I told him a few spots I often frequent. Then he asked if I would join him for dinner (mind you I am holding my Taco Bell food). He asked about a nice place to eat, and I decided I no longer wanted my food. I casually mentioned a restaurant called Spago.

He was down; I actually had him follow me back to my parent's house so I could drop off my car and food. I hopped in his car and off to Spago we went. Again, I don't know what was going on in my head. God was truly on my side during these careless nights of me just trying to have fun. In both cases the situation could have went very bad. But for us back then; a dude could holla, and it would be just that simpleĆ¢€¦

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