Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I've Gotta Move On...

While I try to make every effort to not speak negative about anyone, I needed to take this opportunity to vent and release this mental tension I have towards this woman. This woman is referred to as "my boss". I have never had to deal with a person like her on a regular basis before in my life. I know I will have to leave my job soon. She is beginning to upset me, I am also allowing this woman to consume way too much of my thoughts (case and point would be this damn blog dedicated to her). Just now I was having a conversation with our chief building engineer and as usual; she cuts off the conversation and starts talking. No excuse me, just starts yapping. This is something she does often whenever I am talking to someone. The majority of the time she has nothing to say, but it's her way of flexing her authority muscle.

There were several events that occurred that drove me to the point of writing this blog. This past weekend, Monday and Tuesday was our industry's annual trade show. I recall the event last year; however I was brand new to my company. Well like last year, I wasn't invited to this event. I could have taken the initiative and enrolled myself. But if my manager signed herself and our building engineers up for the show, why wasn't I asked? I am not really upset about not attending, it's all about the principle and message you're conveying to me as an employee. Since I wasn̢۪t going to the tradeshow I asked my co-workers to pick me up some cool give-a-ways and they agreed. They went to show Tuesday, while I stayed in the office. During the tradeshow they ran into our boss and her friend. She then tells the guys to make sure they get me some toys. (her words). What she failed to realize is we had already discussed what I wanted and for her to make that comment annoyed the hell out of me. She then calls me later in the office to check on things, and informs me that she told the guys to pick me up some toys from the tradeshow. (I guess this was her way of showing she was thinking about me). But where were your thoughts when you were signing everyone up for the event except me? I purposely hid my treats, because she's retarded enough to think she's actually the reason why they bought me back stuff.

It's that time of year for my company; when we conduct our annual tenant surveys. Every year tenants in our office building and others throughout my company are surveyed on their overall satisfaction with the building, maintenance, and property management. We sent out the surveys about a month ago to our tenants and they have until June 30th to mail them into our corporate office. Well as of today we have 30 companies that haven't mailed in their surveys. There are roughly 80 companies in the building. My boss calls me yesterday while she was out to tell me to find out how many haven't responded and call them regarding the deadline. At the end of last week we sent out reminder notices to everyone in the building. My issue is we don't want to start badgering people especially if we want them to give us a good review. Not to mention I think phone calls are very impersonal. And I am sure they would rather have a personal visit from the property manager.

What I don't understand is why have a job that is centered around customer service and you have no people skills and no personality? She would rather pawn off the tenants to me and ask me to visit them rather than her. But if I take an initiative and make some decisions without her, she wants to remind me that THIS building is her reasonability and she should know everything in regards to the building. Well, since this is your building and your responsibility why don't you visit your tenants? I honestly feel the surveys should be better than the previous year because of me and our engineers. The tenants have nothing but kind words to say about us. If you asked them about her, it's an entirely different response. She would rather hide in the back in her office, playing games on her computer, talking to her girlfriend about her profile, or talk to her married boyfriend.

I can't continue to work in these conditions. I love the essence of my job and I enjoy commercial real estate, but I can't work under an incompetent moron for a manager. For sanity reasons, its time for execution plan b, which is to take a bow and exit corporate america all together. I have accumulated enough working experience to know that the corporate structure and politics are not for me. Plan B consist of a few opportunities I will embark on to increase my side cash flow and generate some income that will allow me to save enough to compensate my current salary and allow me the chance to say Fuck You to this job. I see the light at the end of my tunnel...

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