Friday, June 30, 2006


So yesterday was our annual tenant appreciation event in our building. During this time of year our company will host a summer event to express our gratitude to our tenants. Well, like last year we had another ice cream social. I thought we all agreed we wouldn't do ice cream again during our last "team" meeting. But one of the other property manger's was doing an ice cream deal so all the other mindless managers followed suit, and the next thing I knew I was calling the vendor to schedule yet another ice cream social.

I enjoy the events because the tenants get a chance to enjoy complimentary treats and you get and chance to socialize. Everything went very well, except for my annoying boss just being her. The guys and I had a great time clowning around and talking to the tenants. While typing this post, I am interrupted by yet another phone call from a new property manager my company hired to run another one of our office buildings. Why is it an issue for me? It bothers me because they hired a property manager with no Yardi (property management software) experience. Which clearly on our company's website it's listed as a basic requirement for the manager positions. Now mind you, I had my annual review in May and most of my review consisted of criticizing my Yardi skills. As a property administrator (my current position), I am highly over qualified especially from an educational perspective.

When I came on board everything I now know about this software is through my manager. And because she for whatever reason seems threatened by me; she will only teach me what she wants me to know. Perhaps, because she knows I can do her job way better than her. (But that's not even a goal for me). I was never really taught the basics and fundamentals so I can do my job more productively. My problem is why did my company hire this woman with no Yardi experience, and she's the damn manager? But you want to talk about my Yardi skills which are not at all bad considering the idiot who's training me and my company doesn't offer any formal software training. But of course she has her job because we are NOT the same color. And since I kick ass in every other aspect of my job, we have to find something to speak on negatively. Oh yes, it's another lovely Friday in corporate america...

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