Friday, May 26, 2006

I've got IT...

As I get older in life I am starting to become more aware of my goals and decisions I make in regards to my life. I have successfully completed the basic educational goals I set for myself way back in junior high school. And I still have a desire to continue on the road to higher learner, except this time I will focus solely on subjects of interests and passion. But I didn’t learn this important element in education until I was thrown into the working world and understood from first hand experience; what industry/ field I was truly talented in or had an interest in learning.

I am now comfortable in my current job as far as finding and discovering my niche. I will be taking my first company sponsored real estate course (and only the beginning to many more) next week. While it is my goal to eventually branch out on my own; I have come to the realization that: timing, preparation, and resources are crucial to the success of my ultimate business endeavors. More importantly I must understand the importance of patience. I find myself eager to hit the ground running, but I still need to fine tune a few skills before I walk out of the door and open up for business.

While my professional career seems to finally make sense to me, my personal life seems more unclear as the days roll by. I have come to the realization that I probably wont have my first child until I am somewhere in my 30’s. I am actually okay with that. However, I can’t seem to predict when I’ll be married. I definitely plan on being married before I have a child, but it’s funny how I can’t estimate an age for the day I actually tie the knot. I have finally uncovered the key to a successful career path; but I am stuck when it comes to the road to a healthy and stable relationship with a significant other.

Currently, I am not actively dating (by choice). At this point in time I am truly not interested in the interviewing/auditioning process of finding a suitable mate. I find dating to be extremely time consuming and added stress/drama to my already chaotic life. Yet, I will admit having that one cool person in my life right now would make my days a little better. But I have to weed out a lot of jesters just to find someone of substance and that’s where my drive to search for that guy disappears. They say the person you should marry or have any meaningful relationship with should be considered your best friend. While reviewing this logic I began to look through my current list of male friends, and I must say the majority of them are better off in the category they have fallen into. It is a prerequisite for me to have a solid friendship with the guy I am seriously involved with. It’s also important for me to have open communication and honesty with one another.

So with all of this being said, I ask myself when will everything else (relationship wise) fall into play. I suppose if I took an active role in this dating game, my answer may appear. But I also enjoy my single hood and not having to answer to any one or consider someone else’s feelings. Perhaps, he’ll just come knocking at my door and he would be a familiar stranger… A girl can always dream…

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