Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stop, Breathe, Wait 24 Hours, and Then React...

I have a bad habit of letting my emotions cloud my judgment on how to respond to some situations. The Ego has a way of taking over all rational thinking and you end up reacting to things only to save face or protect your pride. This week has been an overwhelmingly emotional roller coaster for me. Between work and my personal life, I let the pressure get the best of me and now I am trying to retract certain things I've done and said.

Again, I don't have any regrets only experiences that I learn from. As much as I am there for other people and may appear to have it all together, I am human. My pride has always been of the up most importance to me. And if I felt my pride was being threatened I automatically go into combat mode.

I use this blog as a vehicle to release the burdens of various issues/ dilemmas I encounter on a daily basis. I am not posting my posts to make fun or hurt anyone's feelings. It's simply a website where I choose to talk about my life very candidly. I will never post anyone's name or specific details that would allow others to single them out. More importantly, it's not about anyone else other than ME. All I am offering is a journey through my life through my eyes. Everyday I strive to grow and be better than I was yesterday. I try not to live in the past and not too far in the future. The only thing I have for certain is NOW

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